Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Getting out of the house - LATE!

Many people pass by this milepost almost every day and never notice it. The milepost has been in place for much longer than I'd like to remember, and there aren't many records about historic artifacts such as this. I'd love to find out more, but I haven't found any good books written about these milestones.  So this milestone (and others) becomes something one takes for granted until some unknown day when it is found missing.  Hopefully, that day will not be soon.

- - - - - -

I've noticed how quickly time passes if one isn't paying attention to it. Being comfortable in bed with nothing forcing me to get up is a bad luxury. And by the time I get out of the house, the sun is often preparing to go down. This means that I might get to browse around a couple of stores, then get a bite to eat before going home. Today was one of those days.

Although I received calls from Lili and GFJ, I wasn't really ready to get out of the house until 6 pm. With nothing much to do, I decided to drive South.  If I didn't receive a return telephone call, I might have called Pat and see if she'd like me to drop by.  (It's been ages since we've been together, and it would be nice to catch up on things.) Instead, Patty called me, and I had a nice conversation regarding my cruise and her vacation plans. But this got in the way of me calling Pat, so I decided to browse the racks at Catherine's for a while.

There was nothing much that called for me to buy it today. And the one dress I might have once bought was a returned item, whose purpose was already being filled by a dress I previously bought for Lili's Son's wedding. So there was no way that I was coming home with this dress. And there was no way I was going to buy more clothing until I paid the bills that came in at the beginning of the month. So I drove home and chatted with GFJ on the way to the diner for a late dinner.

It's always nice to get out as Marian.  I only wish I had more interaction with people this way. Maybe I should be looking for more groups to join and be a part of?

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  1. While I can appreciate your interest in mile posts one thing that has always impressed me about our neck of the woods are the many stone walls. I love driving around the area and seeing all of these old stone walls. I presume that at one point in time they served as property borders but I wonder if they also served to keep livestock in place.

    If you are looking for things to do I would suggest that you take a look at Kandi's Land blog on Word Press. Kandi is a CD out in Cleveland who has made many friends as a volunteer for a multitude of organizations. Working as a volunteer has given her plenty of occasions to work out different looks and outfits.