Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Karaoke Birthday Party in NYC

The day started with a rush to get ready for speech therapy.  It was a double session today, as the student learning her craft had finals on the last week originally scheduled for our weekly sessions.  Of course, I didn't mind, as it both saved me $60 and allowed me to focus on things without watching the clock.

When done with the session, I drove home to take a nap.  However, there was one glitch in my preparations.  Instead of using my usual CPAP mask and chin strap, I figured that I'd try to use an older full face CPAP mask without chin strap to preserve my made up face. Again, I was reminded of why I never use this mask except when I have a head cold - my cheeks inflate like a puffer fish, and it is very uncomfortable for me.  If I ever use this mask again, I'll need a chin strap to prevent the over inflation of my oral cavity.

Halfway through the time I planned on napping, I got a call from the Cat Lady (TCL).  Now that she's feeling more comfortable talking on the phone, I'll have to find out how to block her calls when I am with GFJ. (I simply don't want GFJ to think I have a second girlfriend when TCL is only a friend.) At this point, I knew my nap wasn't going to work out. But I did feel rested enough to make it through the night.

So I got dressed in the outfit above and drove down to NYC.  On the way, I picked up a birthday card and a Starbucks gift card for the birthday girl. Traffic on the Major Deegan (near the GW Bridge approach) and on the East Side Drive moved very slow, but it was not enough to keep me from getting to the Karaoke place on time.

I tried my hand at singing a couple of songs in my female register. But as expected, I had no vocal strength in my female register. So I let others do most of the loud singing instead of dropping back into a male vocal range.  L, the birthday girl, had most of the regulars from game night at the party, as well of a few of her friends from her outside life. Of course, there was one person absent, and L decided not to invite him because this person would dominate the party and make it all about him.

Around 11 pm, our party broke up, and I made my way back home.  It was a pain trying to get to the East Side Drive, so I took 1st avenue to 96th street before getting on the highway. From there, it was a smooth run back home to get comfortable and get some sleep before my drive to GFJ's tomorrow afternoon.

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