Saturday, April 14, 2018

A dinner with the Cat Lady

The Cat Lady (TCL) and I were supposed to go to dinner and have the early bird special today.  With all the "activities" going on in her life (she has a sick cat, and is catching up on chores during her week off from work), she doesn't have the time to think much of the time.  So I wasn't surprised that once we agreed on a time to meet, that we'd have to change it to meet her needs.

- - - - - -

As usual, I didn't start getting moving until I needed to do so.  Since we rescheduled dinner, I was able to take my time and still have enough time to pick up some wine and make it to   TCL's place on time.  (Time seems to be a theme in my life as of late, as I seem to not to be using it as wisely as I could be doing.)  Luckily, the wine store was just down the hill from me and the needed gas station (my car would never have made it to TCL's place) only a smidgen out of my way. So I was able to make it to TCL's place with a few minutes to spare.

We went to one of our usual restaurants (Primo Amore) and had a nice dinner.  However, dinner was spoiled a little bit by being seated in a the noisy room and getting sub-par service (for that restaurant). As usual, TCL did most of the talking, and part of me had to struggle to keep up with her.  Neither of us wanted dessert, so we went back to her place and chatted in the car for a while before I left.  Again, she had a few questions about my being transgender, and a few new questions about what I'm looking for in a mate. As much as I "kinda" know what I want, I've never put it into words. And I struggled trying to give an answer. (No, we're not looking to settle down with each other - we haven't even kissed.  We were just talking as friends.)  In a way, it helps me realize that as much as GFJ and I get along well together, the odds are that we are not long term partners.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I chatted with Lili for a little bit. And then I tried to reach GFJ.  She didn't pick up her phone.  I wanted to chat with her, as I want to know whether I'll be driving up to her place for Sunday night, or whether the next time we'll see each other is next weekend.  Why is this important?  I simply need to know whether I'll be able to schedule seeing an Off-Broadway play this weekend.

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