Thursday, March 22, 2018

Winter Cruise: Day 8 - At Sea.

Day 8 - At Sea.

Both of us woke up late and realized that this would likely be the last day we could go in the hot tub as they were already stacking up deck chairs on level 13 to prepare for the storm. So both of us got into our swimsuits and headed for a quick bite to eat, and then to the tubs. By the time I got to the hot tub, Lili was nowhere to be found, so I hopped in alone. And I was witness to the spectacle of one nubile young woman with wonderfully sculpted artificial breasts moving her hands across her man’s crotch in a public exhibition of wanton desire.  I was far from aroused by this public exhibition of sexual intent. Yet I was interested to see how far she’d go. After 15 minutes, I had enough sun, and it was time to go back to the cabin.

The ship started to rock as we approached the storm, so I should have known better than eat well at dinner. And we should have known better than to eat at Teppanaki, the ship’s Hibachi restaurant. The soup served Lili was sickening, and there was no flavor in the food. The Hibachi place in Croton is much better than this joint, and I wish we were eating there instead. But I should qualify this point a little, as I don’t wish for Lili to be eating out because she has returned to a house still without heat or electricity.

By 11pm, the ship was rocking and I was getting sick. It got so bad, that I vomited - not being sure whether it was seasickness or a virus I caught on board. Either way, I felt like crap and did all I could do to stay tolerably less uncomfortable. Although I was finally able to get some sleep this night, I knew I'd be far from rested when I got up the next day.

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