Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Winter Cruise: Day 6 - St. Lucia.

Day 6 - St. Lucia.

Neither Lili nor I wanted to get out at this port, but for different reasons. In her case, she didn’t want to take the tender to the island. In my case, I had a feeling that I might have problems being TG. So we both stayed on board the ship and met up with D&M again, and Lili went to the lounge chairs with M. Shortly after I left (didn’t want sunburn), M started getting ill, and Lili had to take her to her cabin.

Later, we ate dinner with two ladies I met in the hallway. In many ways, these ladies remind me of my two neighbors who should be in assisted living facilities - down to the voice of the younger lady, whose speech is identical to my neighbor’s voice. After dinner, Lili noted that she felt that they are a couple of strange people, and I agreed for my own reasons. Anyone who always carries all her valuables with her on the cruise has no trust in other people, and that is a sickness.

While at dinner, we heard an announcement. The ship was skipping Martinique due to weather concerns, and was making its last stop in St. Thomas the next day. Given the storm approaching New York, and the storm building in the Caribbean, this made perfect sense. But is was also a let down, as I wanted to see Martinique on this cruise.

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