Monday, March 19, 2018

Winter Cruise: Day 5 - Antigua.

Day 5 - Antigua.

I was not in a mood to get off the ship and take a shore excursion today. To see the ruins of an old fort didn’t interest me. However, Lili got off the ship and did some shopping. She returned with a nice inexperienced dress that she could and would wear on the cruise.

Later on, we went to one of NCL's specialty restaurants (not sure if it was Cagney’s Steakhouse or Moderna Churrascaria) and has a tasty meal. The difference in service between the specialty restaurants and Magenta is like night and day. We have had problems with Magenta on a previous cruise and on this cruise. But we never have had problems in any of the specialty restaurants (Cagney’s, Moderna, and Le Bistro) on the ship. This makes me wonder about the training given to the staff for the standard restaurants.

When we retired for the evening, Lili was complaining about my CPAP machine making too much noise. I’m not sure what really bothers her. Could it be the occasional air leak? Could it be my chin strap becoming undone, and air coming out through my mouth? or, could it be something else?

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