Sunday, March 25, 2018

Winter Cruise: Day 11 - Return to NYC

Winter Cruise: Day 11 - Return to NYC.

It was nice to come home today.  The captain said we'd be arriving at the dock at roughly 10 am, and that we did.  Of course, Lili was upset that I was waking her up. But then again, she's not a person who likes getting up before 11 am if possible.

I ended waking up around 8 am, and started with my final preparations to leave the ship. Lili didn't start getting moving until 9 am, and we were both ready to get off the ship by 10 am. However, many more people had the same idea, and we had to wait on a long line to get off the ship.  Once off the ship, we had to go through customs. And this meant herding all the former passengers into a path that took us through the building, down an escalator or elevator to the floor where the customs desks are, and then routing this flow to one of up to 16 customs agents.  So it's amazing to me that people could flow through the building as quickly as they did.

My path differed from Lili's path due to one choice - she wanted to wait for a slow elevator, while I took a quick escalator.  And I ended up having to wait for her to rejoin my path before proceeding to the customs agents. I figure that once we hit the ground floor, that it took no more than 15 minutes to reach a customs agent. And when I reached the agent, I took off my glasses and spoke in my male voice, saying: " Yes, that's me!" After a couple of glances at me and my passport, the agent waved me on, and we were free to go and wait for our ride home.

Lili's boyfriend reached the dock at the same time we reached the place where we arranged to be picked up.  It was perfect timing for a change. To make things even better, I got home to an apartment where there was no power interruption during the prior storm, and Lili was able to return to a home where she had both power and internet.

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