Saturday, March 24, 2018

Winter Cruise: Day 10 - At Sea.

Day 10 - At Sea.

Again, I got up very late and wasted most of the day away. I was still recovering from the bug I had, but was better able to eat food that Lili brought to me for breakfast. Unfortunately, what she brought back was way too much starch, but easy to digest. And this is what I needed most after a couple of days of dealing with a bug.

Looking at the above picture of our ship's sister vessel, you might get an idea of how much the ship was rocking with a day left before reaching New York.  When the ship hit a wave the wrong way, it was as if a giant sledgehammer was hitting the side of the ship. If one was walking, one might feel as if she went from .5 G to 1.5 G in less than a second. It was not an easy time to be in a cabin near the ship's bow, so I tried to spend as much time as possible in one of the ship's lounges.

Sometime in the afternoon, we tried to reach the mainland with Lili’s remaining free phone minutes. One call to Lili’s next door tenant told her much more about the shape of her property than her boyfriend did. But I was unable to reach my neighbor for similar information. Hopefully, I’ll have heat and electricity when I get home.

Before dinner, I stopped by the duty free shop to get a gift for GFJ. She may not be interested in rum chocolate turtles, but I wanted to be sure I had something to give her when I see her this weekend. It’ll have been 2+ weeks since we were together and I wanted her to know I missed her. After that, I went to see Jeri Sager perform in the theater. Considering that this was a second performance, her backup band had to rehearse new numbers for tonight’s show. Seeing her show makes me wish even more that I was able to see the first one.

Dinner was at Cagney’s tonight, and I had the fish dinner for a change from the usual. The fish was good. I only wish my stomach would have been safe with another steak dinner. After that, we retired to the room before going our separate ways - me to pick up pictures, and Lili to gamble in the casino.

It’ll be nice to be on solid ground in the morning....

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