Saturday, March 10, 2018

Quickie: A discussion at Game Night about dresses

Sometime in July, I'll be attending the formal wedding of Lili's son.  And one of the problems I'll have is getting a nice outfit to wear for a gathering which will be partly outdoors.  In my size, there isn't that much I can wear. And for what is available, I'll have to order it online.

- - - - - -

In an earlier post, I mentioned 6 dresses that I "sorta" liked for the wedding. None of them jumped out as perfect for me. I chatting with the hostess of game night, she liked the dress above for me.  If I go with it, I may have to use a pin to prevent the outline of my falsies from being seen.  But I think it will look good on me.

In a pinch, I can wear the above dress, as it should cover up a bit more than the other dress and still have much of the same effect while being comfortable.

And that leaves us with this last dress.  Lili wants me to wear it. But I think the light coral shade will look washed out on me.  What do you think?

I have several months to make a decision about a dress. However, I expect that some of the dresses in my size will sell out before long. So I will likely end up buying a dress sometime in March or April, in order to be sure to have something that looks good on me for the July wedding.

- - - - - -

Once I choose the dress, then the "fun" begins.  Next, I'll need a pair of dressy, but comfortable shoes, as well as an appropriate clutch for the few items I'll be bringing with me. If I choose one of the blue dresses, that points me to a darker color for the shoes and clutch. And if I choose the coral dress, it forces me to pick a different color.  Gone are the days I can choose a dark suit, white shirt, black shoes and belt, and conservative tie to be sure that I am presentable at the wedding.


  1. While dress #1 is pretty and would do well on a woman with her own cleavage I think that #2 is the one to go to for folks like us. It is pretty, very feminine and will cover many of our shortcomings. I do not think that the coral dress will do you justice. I think the stronger color and the lace will serve you well.

  2. Of the three, I preferred #2 most. But, I found something that Lili would like and I could live with paying for. And at the price I paid for the dress, I could afford to treat it as a one time only wearing....