Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A "Long" Weekend with GFJ

Friday came, and my car was scheduled to visit the shop again....

This is getting to be a habit I'd gladly break.  I lose my car for the day, and we're still not sure of what the problem is.  My brother has some ideas. But if one of them is right, it'll be an expensive thing to fix - spending money that I can ill afford to spend.

I got up early, and drove my car to the mechanic.  The idiot lights were on when I drove the half mile to the shop, and I discussed the problem I had a couple of months ago when the weather was below zero for several days.  When I was driven home, the idiot lights recycled. So I told the driver how I was driving for the past few days, and that my last drive had me going for 30 minutes at 70 mph from Yonkers to Croton before I turned off the engine for the night.  The engine was running normally hot (as you'd expect at highway speeds) and this may have something to do about this morning's idiot light reset.

Later on, I was told that there was no charge, but that the mechanic couldn't go any further. He said to take the car to the Honda dealership if the problem happened again, as he believes that the head gasket is failing AND that it's not a job he feels comfortable in doing. When asked for a ballpark figure, the mechanic estimated that it would likely cost me $2,000 or so.  Ouch!  But it will be worth it to keep this car on the road for a few more years.

- - - - - -

The sun rose on Saturday, and I rose to get prepared as Marian while GFJ was relaxing on the couch.  (She has a long term sleep problem where she will go to sleep with the CPAP mask on, wake up 3 hours later, and not be able to sleep after that - except in stretches during the day.  Her GP wants her to see both a sleep specialist and a shrink regarding this, but there are not enough doctors on her insurance plan for her.)  When I started the car for my drive, the 3 idiot lights came back on - and I knew for sure that the car was going back to the dealer sometime in the near future.

My session with speech therapy went well, and I cruised back to the apartment, where I didn't expect GFJ to be.  (She had planned to go out for a walk, and come back after I had changed back to Mario.)  Well, she was in the shower, as she had went back to sleep after I left for my weekly session in Dobbs Ferry. So I went into my bedroom and changed back into Mario for the rest of her stay here.

We were both hungry, and went to the diner. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a movie worth seeing after that, as there were only two in the region I wanted to see, and both could be ruled out for two completely different reasons.  The first, a presentation in Pleasantville, was a 60+ year old French film, Bob le flambeur.  One problem - GFJ hates subtitles.  The other, a presentation in NYC, was The Death of Stalin. I ruled out this film simply because of the hassle of going to see it.  So we ended up going to Trader Joe's to pick up some food, and going home for the night.

- - - - - -

GFJ had to go to her mom's on Sunday morning, so neither of us had much time with each other.  In a way, this was good, as I needed some time to myself. And we would still have the same problem today as we had yesterday - what should we do?  Living as close to NYC as we do, we could go into the city and go to a museum.  But I'm not sure if she'd be comfortable doing this on a bright sunny day.

So what did I do?  I could have gone out as Marian.  But this lingering mild cold told me that resting would be the best choice of things to do for the day. And that is what I did.  Later on, GFJ called me on the way home. She mentioned what I could do with her left over food - none of which made it anywhere else but the trash bin.  If I had realized that she had left half of a pastrami sandwich in the refrigerator, I'd have eaten that instead of tossing it out. But I was able to enjoy a couple of Chicken Parmigiana sandwiches I made from ingredients already on hand.

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