Monday, February 19, 2018

Who'll stop the rain?

As I write this entry, the rain is still coming down.  It has been a miserable weekend, weather-wise, and it's getting in the way of me going out - either as Mario or Marian.

- - - - - -

After yesterday's speech therapy session for Marian at Mercy College, I changed back into Mario mode for my overnight with GFJ in the Catskills.  We had planned to have dinner before seeing a movie, and I figured that I'd arrive in time to bring my bags upstairs and relax a little before we went out for dinner. Calling GFJ, I found out that the "Wasband"  was emptying his stuff from a back building on their property, and that she wasn't sure when he'd leave. So we made contingency plans to meet at the restaurant if he wasn't gone by the time I reached New Paltz.  Luckily, these plans weren't needed - he was gone well before I arrived.

Arriving at GFJ's house, we exchanged Birthday gifts (her birthday was earlier in the week) and Valentine's Day gifts. She made me wish I had bought a little more for her, as she can be generous to a fault on her limited income. We relaxed a little before going to dinner at the Red Brick Tavern, and I made sure that I would pick up the check (especially since it would be smaller than I'd have normally expected). Both of us enjoyed a Pastrami on roll with melted Swiss Cheese, and it was hard to eat because the meat and cheese were both plentiful and overflowed the buns.

Following dinner, we walked down the street to the local movie theater and watched Molly's Game.  The movie was better than expected, and the performances were solid. I was surprised to see Kevin Costner in the film, as the small, but crucial role he played could have been played by any journeyman actor without loss to the film. Yet, it was nice to see him doing a non-star role for a change, as a longer presence from him would have ruined the film by changing the focus from Molly to her father.

- - - - - -

The next morning, it was time for us to part.  Neither of us got much sleep the night before, and we were up and running before 7 am.  We were both on the road by 9 am, and went our separate ways.  On the way home, I saw a spun out car being lifted onto a tow truck, so I had an excuse to call GFJ to warn her about the road conditions. (The phone call also helped keep me awake for the rest of my drive home.)  She was hitting soupy fog on her way to her mom's and probably appreciated the conversational company until she was minutes from her mom's house.

Arriving home, I ended my call, brought my bags inside, and went to sleep for a little while.  For all practical purposes, my day had already ended and it wasn't even 12 noon.  And that's just as well on a day with this much rain....

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