Thursday, February 15, 2018

Quickie: A sloppy day in the NYC Suburbs

As you can see, I'm not the only woman who will wear dresses and skirts in foul weather.  Let's hope that this lady didn't get more than a minor bruise when she fell....

- - - - - -

When I saw the weather report for today, I decided not to go out in the sloppy weather. First, I'd have to clean the snow and ice from my car. Then, I'd have to deal with more precipitation coming down during the day and deal with idiots who don't know how to drive in this weather.  It was safer for me to stay home, and I think it was the prudent decision for me.

Shortly after I woke up, I received an email from the Cat Lady (TCL) to tell me that she decided to stay home today.  Given that she commutes to work through what has been ranked the most dangerous intersection in New Jersey, I can't blame her for staying home when she has a migraine headache. Lili then called, and told me the latest problems with her boyfriend. I won't go into details, but she is considering kicking him out of the house. Something is wrong, and they need to talk. But without talk, Lili's suspicions will get worse, and that will create a vicious circle of distrust.

Sometime after lunch, I looked outside my front door and saw that a package has been delivered. Out of the 4 items I ordered from Amazon, 3 have now arrived.  The first was a book called "Go the F*ck to Sleep."  (The highlighted link points to a YouTube recording of Samuel L. Jackson reading this book.)  The next two were a Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker and a DVD Movie called "The New Girl Friend." The movie is about a man who has a secret from his girl friend, one of interest to the transgender community.  The book and the speaker will be Birthday and Valentine's Day gifts for GFJ. Knowing that she will likely be moving out of her house once her divorce is finalized, I had to choose gifts that are small, enjoyable immediately, and won't cause her to get upset if she loses them in a future move.

- - - - - -

I expect that tomorrow will be a busy day.  Until I have confirmation one way or another, I'm assuming that my lunch with Vicki #2 is still on. And after lunch, I plan to go in for my weekly volunteer stint at the GLBT center, followed by game night in Yonkers. Hopefully, all will go off as planned....

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