Sunday, February 11, 2018

Quickie: A bite to Eat before Speech Therapy

Normally, I never seem to have enough time to make it from my house to Mercy College. I wake up less than 2 hours before my appointment, and then get there with only a minute or two to spare.  Today, I had the chance to pick up breakfast on the way down - and discovered that I hate being directed to a machine to place my breakfast order.

- - - - - -

Since I had more than enough time to grab a bite to eat, I decided to stop at Mickey D's for something tasty, but not too nutritious. The drive in window line was way too long, so I decided to go inside. And that's where the "fun and games" began.  Instead of the woman behind the cash register taking my order, she directed me to enter my order on a touch screen display, then go to the counter to pay for my meal.  To me, this is off putting, as I prefer to deal with a human, no matter how much more accurate my order would be if I keyed it in myself.  Even worse, I ended up spending more time buying my meal inside, than if I had used the drive in window.  Sadly, this McDonald's experiment will likely succeed over time, and more people will be competing for fewer low skilled entry level jobs in the long term.

Once I got my meal, I continued on to Mercy, and continued drinking my coffee while in session.  This time, the therapist in training had something that showed me my vocal progress - and the supervisor (same lady as last term) was surprised at how high a pitch my voice could reach. Although I can hear the masculinity in my voice, it is less audible when I hear a recording of my voice.

- - - - - -

After I was done with Mercy, I went over to The Avenue in Yonkers and browsed the racks.  Although they have some new dresses there, there was nothing that held my interest - the styles wouldn't work for casual wear.  In fact, there was only one garment (a light denim dress) that appealed to me, but I wasn't going to spend any money buying something I couldn't use right now.

Only after I was finished browsing the merchandise did I go home to rest.  I napped a little and then called RO to see how she was recovering from eye surgery.  Hopefully, she will be able to go back to work soon. Then, I called HWV to firm up our plans for tomorrow. This is where my eyeballs caused me problems - I thought the play was at 3 pm, when it was scheduled for 2 pm. This meant that we couldn't go to the restaurant we wanted to eat at, nor could we eat before the play. Given the expected bad weather that will be coming in, I chose a place close to the theater and parking lot for our "Restaurant Week" dinner. Hopefully, we won't get anywhere near the precipitation expected to come in the afternoon.

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