Sunday, February 4, 2018

Now, it may be time...

As a transperson, I am afraid of what would happen if Mike Pence became president. Right now, we're seeing Donald Trump and his slow motion presidential train wreck, and I wonder: Is it time for the GOP to start removing the president from office?

- - - - - -

Unlike many people on the left who have been in a rush to have this president impeached, I have advocated a more cautious approach.  Given that our Vice President is a religious zealot who believes that transgenders are sick, I have been leery on giving him any official power. With the inconsistency of Trump's pronouncements of late, he may be suffering a slow motion nervous breakdown and be unfit to hold office.

Let's look at his flip flopping on the issue of the DACA immigrants.  He went from saying that he'll sign any solution put on his desk to saying that the bipartisan solution produced by the Senate was DOA to saying that the DACA immigrants should not fear, as he saw a period of 12 years leading to American citizenship. It's as if whoever speaks to Trump last sets his opinion for the day. Can he get a Senate DACA bill through the House? I doubt it with the Hastert Rule in place. So any promise made by him or Mitch McConnell is likely worthless on this issue.

- - - - - -

In a recent press conference, someone asked Trump about the Mueller investigation. And before the question could be completed, Trump referenced Russians and Collusion at least 20 times, as if the more he stated something, the more he expected people to believe his lies. He is losing it!  At a certain point, one or two mentions of an assertion would be enough for people to accept his statement as a form of "truth". But now, his magic is gone, and people no longer give him the doubt for anything he says.

Trump supposedly wanted to fire Mueller, but the staff between him and Mueller threatened to quit if he tried to do so.  Is Mueller coming too close to the truth?  What will happen if Trump actually gets interviewed by Mueller? Will Trump be able to tell the truth to fit the lie he wants to tell?  I doubt it. But if he doesn't talk to Mueller, he also looks bad. So I wonder what happens next.

- - - - - -

In Davos, Switzerland,  Trump proclaimed that he had a solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict, which involved taking the issue of Jerusalem off the table.  Does he think we believe him?  If a solution has evaded the people of this region since 1949, how can someone as ignorant as he think that he is smarter than some of the greatest of world leaders who have tackled this problem?  It is because the Kushners hobnobbed with the Netanyahu family for years?  Who knows?  But without any empathy for the Palestinian side of things, all the bullying he can muster up will get the Palestinians to roll over and submit to Donald's will.

- - - - - -

A little more than a year ago, Trump claimed that he was able to stop Carrier from moving roughly 1,000 out of 1,250 jobs from the USA to Mexico. The union leader representing the plant told the media that Trump was lying - and the last of these workers were being dismissed in early 2018.  The working class who supported Trump is slowly seeing that he is "All Hat and No Cowboy."  None of his promises are coming true.  He sowed the seeds of false hope and won the election. And now, he is unable to deliver on his promises.  Only the most hard core of his supporters still believe in him. And that small group of people may cause the most extreme GOP loyalists to win their primaries and lose the general election.

- - - - - - 

The GOP leadership sees a groundswell of Democratic and independent voters ready and able to turn one or both houses of the legislative branch a regal blue color if things don't change soon. Many in the leadership expect the GOP to put up poor candidates in the general election and others want to leave as winners by deciding not to run for office again. They got the tax bill they wanted, a bunch of judicial nominations, and a crippled Obamacare. Do they need Trump any longer?

At this point, I expect that the GOP will soon start the process of forcing Trump out of office. Will they start a process which could lead to impeachment and conviction? Or, will they grant him a graceful exit via the 25th amendment? Either way, they will have to act soon.  If not, they will pay a very high price for condoning his treason.

As for the rest of us, we will have to deal with a President Pence for a little under 3 years. But if Trump is not pushed out soon, we have something much worse to worry about as he is eroding respect for both our laws and our customs - something that will take generations to restore. 

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