Friday, February 2, 2018

Driving all over the place, and being driven crazy.

I couldn't resist finding the above picture. How many 45 year old cars look this good outside of museums (public or private)?

- - - - - -

My calendar had several things of note on it:

  1. A visit from my cleaning lady.
  2. A visit to the GLBT center to assist with the grand opening of their computer center.
  3. Game Night.
Since I had to get out of the house early, I decided to shave, shower, put on my makeup, get dressed, and get out the door by noon. But before I did this, I had to clean up the remaining mess in the apartment, so that my cleaning lady could do her magic.

Once out of the house, I decided to drive to Catherine's in Paramus, and then kill time until I was expected at the GLBT Center.  This drive was a window shopping trip, as I really didn't need anything, and little new merchandise was expected in any of the stores I frequent until next month. When I found nothing in the store, I wasn't really that disappointed.A little later, I killed some more time at Christmas Tree Shop, then drove to the Avenue in Nanuet. And this is where I pulled out my wallet, as they had some tights on sale for $5 each (in pairs). So, for a little over $10, I could replace a couple of pairs that had worn out.

Next, it was off to the GLBT Center, where my presence wasn't needed that much. However, my presence was included in the photos being sent to the organization that gave the center 6 Apple computers - a nice way of showing that these machines are appreciated and will be used.

After leaving the GLBT Center, if was off to Panera for dinner, then off to the weekly board games meetup.  One problem - the car started a little rough, and then the check engine, check power steering, and the check VSA lights came on.  Since I didn't want to get stuck in Yonkers at midnight, I decided to drive straight home and try to make an appointment at the dealership for the morning.  Sadly, I couldn't get an appointment until next Thursday - but I'll call and tell them it's an emergency, and ask if they could squeeze me in tomorrow.

- - - - - -

So what triggered me to get the above picture?  That car is the original 1972 Honda Civic (then CVCC).  One of my friends owned on, and my problem triggered memories of him and his former car.

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