Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A weekend with GFJ as Mario, followed by a mini shopping trip to Yonkers as Marian

For the next 3 months or so, GFJ and I won't be getting together until I've had the chance to change back to Mario after my speech therapy sessions at Mercy College. Although it's a nice compromise, being able to spend some time as Marian each weekend, it's always going to be a little depressing to change back to Mario afterwards.

- - - - - -

Saturday came too early, and I barely had the time to get up, get showered, get made up, get dressed, and get out the door. I was very glad to have a 9:45 time slot this semester, as that makes all the difference whether I rush too quickly, or whether I have 5 minutes of wiggle room for my drive to Mercy.

Arriving at Mercy, I met the supervisor and the new student therapist. Unfortunately, I felt that she wasn't fully prepared to deal with someone with my needs. But she'll learn quickly, and I'll be glad to help her as her guinea pig.  Unlike the past two semesters, there is something about this student therapist which isn't clicking right. She has a good attitude. But I'm not sure if she is emotionally prepared to maintain a sort of distance between her and her client. And I'll bet that her supervisor will help her develop that skill, even while working with a gregarious personality like mine.

Once I was done with this week's therapy session, I went home and rested. I had developed a mild sinus headache, and didn't want to get on the road until it eased off. GFJ may have been mildly disappointed at not being able to go to the movies, but she was glad that she could get a little rest before I arrived.

- - - - - -

The next morning, GFJ and I didn't want to get moving too quickly. And that meant that we wouldn't be doing a long walk to stretch our legs and get some much needed mild exercise. Instead, we ended up resting a bit, and then going out to see a movie.

Before the movie, we went to the local Chinese Buffet, where we pigged out a little.  Although the food isn't as good as the buffet in Newburgh, it is tasty. And I found two items in the hot trays that I'd go back for again - the beef ribs and the string beans.  Both had lots of flavor, and both were worth second helpings.

When we finished dinner, we had an hour and a half to kill. So we killed a little time by driving up to Saugerties and looking at the storefronts as we drove by. And then it was back to the mall, where we killed a half hour walking around before going into the theater.  "The Shape of Water" got lots of good reviews. Even though it was a good film, it was a forgettable film. Take a character that looked like "Swamp Thing creeping out of the Black Lagoon", add a love story between him and a mute woman, then throw in some Cold War intrigue, and you get a movie which occupies you for a couple of hours that you might forget in a day or two.

- - - - - -

On Monday, it was time to leave.  GFJ was going to a deposition hearing for her divorce, and I was going home to rest. After I got home, I decided to rest a little before going out again as Marian. And it was on this trip to Yonkers that I went into The Avenue and bought the faux leather jacket pictured above.  At $100, the jacket wasn't worth the price.  At $70, the jacket was tolerably priced for a Fall purchase. But I didn't want to pay either price. Instead, I waited until the jacket went on clearance, and picked it up for under $30. I'm sure I might get some use out of the jacket in the early Spring and in the Fall. And I do have enough hall closet space to fit in one new jacket.

Next, it was off to Stew Leonard's to do some shopping. And I got out spending less money than usual. But it was a nice close to the day when the checkout clerk addressed me as a female and showed me the warmth that only women share with each other in such settings. Only a woman can know how hard another woman has to work for her money....

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