Sunday, January 14, 2018

Quickie: NYC Subway work crew.

(Two maintenance cars which may never have been in revenue service)

The New York City Subway system.  It is essential to the functioning of a metropolis of 8 million residents, and the businesses that double the population of Manhattan Island on a typical weekday.

If one travels at odd hours of the day (or on weekends), one will often see unusual pieces of equipment never seen during a normal commuter's trip. This post is a quick posting of some of the more unusual shots I've taken of the subway, its denizens, and the work that goes into making this system work.

("Dumpsters" for use in hauling away construction debris.) 

(A work car similar to that carrying the dumpsters in the previous photo)
(You can see that they really wanted this engine to be seen.)

 (This is a view of a typical NYCTA engine used in the subway system.)
(Times Square below ground)

(More of Times Square below ground)

Years ago, a close friend of my family worked in subway maintenance.  He was a hard drinking person, but I never saw him out of control of his liquor.  When he was drinking, he and his wife were home enjoying their highballs. When he was working, he was cold sober. Over the years, he damaged the nerves in his hands by holding a jackhammer, and his fingers were always bent from the damage caused by jackhammers. Yet, I'd love to talk to him a little about the things he saw in the system, and to ask him to get pictures of the more interesting parts of his work.  Since I can't do that, I'll have to take photos when I can, then post them when I have enough to make an interesting entry from them.

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  1. I am a fan of the NYC subway system (and the New Haven Railroad), so I really appreciate today's photos. Thanks for posting them and Happy New Year Girlfriend!