Sunday, January 28, 2018

Quickie: Nosy Neighbor

In the past, I've talked about the nosy neighbor I had living below me.  Well, it appears that she is moving out of the apartment she inherited when her mother died.

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Years ago, this woman's brother and sister in law moved into the apartment below me, and lived a relatively solitary life.  I'll never know what the man did for a living. But I do know that he had "Agent Orange" poisoning from Vietnam and died a death I wouldn't wish on an enemy.  Later on, his wife died (I'm not sure of the circumstances of her death, nor does it matter), and the man's parents moved in to the apartment along with their daughter (who I call the nosy neighbor).

I had a good relationship with the man and his family, and he commented that his daughter should have been born as a son, given her tomboyish nature. (If you listened to her for a while, you'd think her voice was that of a truck driver speaking in the wrong pitch.) But this family kept to themselves and were good neighbors for the time the father was alive.

Eventually, the father passed, leaving wife and daughter living together in the same one bedroom apartment. What's the old like about idle minds getting people into trouble? Well, these ladies had nothing much to do, and they stirred things up because they wanted to be the center of the apartment complex's rumor mill.

Sadly, the mother had to pass on (like all of us will one day), leaving the apartment to her daughter.  Since the daughter has found a boyfriend, she is selling off the apartment.  I wish her the best, and hope we get someone who isn't nosy or troublesome in her place....

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