Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Quickie: Colder than Ice Cold

The Hudson River is a critical artery for New York State water traffic. In the Winter, ice floes tend to clog the river in the most frigid of weather, and can be seen well past the midpoint between Albany and New York. And it is this kind of cold I want to discuss today.

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During a recent two weeks, the Northeast was gripped by a cold spell. We again saw ice in the river, and we again have to worry if our cars are going to start in this cold. It's hard to go out as Marian, as most of my wardrobe is not what a cisgender female would be wearing in this weather.

Luckily, in addition to the many dresses I normally wear, I do have a few outfits where I combine tunic length dresses with leggings to make a look which cisgender women would wear on days like this. I also have some feminine jeans which I can wear with long feminine sweaters. Although these outfits make it harder for me to disguise my unfeminine body shape, they do make it possible to blend in with other females in cold weather.

At the time I'm writing this entry, the temperature is expected to drop into the single digits, and maybe go below zero. Very few women would go out in a dress in weather like this, even though wearing fleece lined tights would allow a woman to be comfortable and still show a little leg. So the cold has become a sort of enemy for me, even though I am comfortable with it when presenting as Mario.

So this gets me wondering - what do other transgender women do if they want to blend in well and be well accepted by other females?

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