Thursday, January 25, 2018

I remember when snow was fun

Years ago, my dad used to take me to one of the parks in town, and I used to enjoy a long sled ride down the side of a hill.  Today, I wish I still had that sled, as they no longer make the longer sleds which were so fun to ride when I was young.

Even the above sled at 54 inches in length was a little shorter than the sled I used. And it allowed for a longer ride on the snow. Snow days were so much fun then!

- - - - - -

Today, the snow was more of a nuisance. It was not enough to get in the way of doing anything, but enough to force a person to clean off a car before driving. Further upstate, where GFJ lives, they had more snow and needed a plow to clean out long driveways. So, instead of going to do my volunteer stint at the GLBT Center, I decided to stay home and have another Jammie Day.

Now that I know what my schedule is likely to be towards the beginning of next month, I penciled in both a day with my niece at the Brooklyn Museum and a day at the theater with HWV.  GFJ may not be too happy with me reserving a weekend without her. But we have no ties that bind us together.

While talking with HWV, two of our co-op problems came up. One of them involves DOJ "advice" which may or may not have been revoked by Jeff Sessions. The other involves a tenant who may have broken one of the house rules. Sadly, I can not talk about either of these cases, as we may end up going to court eventually and I don't want to prejudice either of them if we end up going to court.

- - - - - -

Winter weather is getting in the way of everything. I was originally scheduled to see RO today. The bad weather put a damper on that. So I sent her a message and asked her if I could postpone our get together until next week. Hopefully, her schedule will be open then, as I'd like to catch up with her before I go away on my cruise. In addition to seeing RO, I have to catch up with Vicki #2 and with BXM. Snow and sleep will put a damper on my plans, as I always see them in Marian mode.

Gradually, I'll find a way to catch up with everyone on my list. But it will take time.

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