Friday, January 26, 2018

Game night with a new lady

Sadly, this was going to my last day out as Marian until early next week. And I realized that this would not be a dress or skirt day due to the snow left on the ground. So I was very glad to have a pair of women's trousers to wear to game night.

- - - - - -

As has been my custom for the past few days, I didn't bother getting dressed until I absolutely had to do so. Around 3 pm, I got dressed as Mario in order to do some laundry without being hassled by an unwanted newcomer to our complex. (There are issues here that I can't discuss in public.)  But once my laundry was done, I quickly switched into Marian mode so that I could go to game night.

I started to drive to game night around 7:45, and I knew I'd be late for the first game. Arriving in Yonkers, I found that there were two new people playing games. But I ended up sitting at the other table where I ended up playing a game of Qwirkle.  I wasn't getting the right tiles, so I knew I'd lose (which I did). Yet, as usual, it was fun.

Although I could have participated in a third round of games, I decided to relax and let the others play.  My mind was already fried. It looks like the two newcomers may just be back next week, so I may just get the opportunity to develop a new female friendship.

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