Friday, January 19, 2018

A Day with Lili and a Night Playing Games.

Lili and her family in Vietnam.  Considering what she went through to get her face lifted, she does look 10 years younger in the original photograph (which I don't have yet). And this leads in to today's discussion.

- - - - - -

I think the plastic surgeon did a very good job on Lili's face. And the imperfection in the surgeon's work doesn't show up on any of the photos taken overseas. Lili is happy with the overall results of the operation. But she wanted the imperfection (a little fat bump below her right eye) removed.  Today was her trip to Long Island to see her surgeon at his Long Island office.

We met at 10:00 at BJ's, and drove to the outskirts of Great Neck where the surgeon's office is located. One problem - we were 45 minutes early, and we had to kill time before the appointment. So it was over to H-Mart to do some grocery shopping. 20 minutes later, we finally drove to the doctor's office and had to wait to have our car parked by the valet.  (This building doesn't have enough parking for its tenants.) Then, it was upstairs to the doctor's office. Thirty minutes later, Lili came out of the office and the doctor came out to say hello.  It's nice that he remembered me.

- - - - - -

Next, it was off to meet Lili's friend and go to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. I liked her friend, and the three of us got along well.  Hopefully, we'll all be able to get together soon for a trip to Brooklyn for some burlesque.  Although I don't remember the name of the restaurant, one of its specialties was Soup Dumplings, and I intend to go there for those wonderful delicacies soon.  But today's lunch was common fare - Eggplant with Sliced Chicken. It was Yummy!  For me to say this about a dish I've had more times than I can count, the dish must be very good.  And maybe, I could even say it was better than that.

Eventually, lunch had to end and Lili's friend had to leave. So it was off to Lili's Mom's house to meet with her brother and tour the house for one last time.  They are finally in contract, and will finally be able to get their money out of this asset.  One thing that Lili and her brother should be thankful for is that the offer went into contract before the tax law changed. Had this happened later, I expect that the offer would have been 10% less because of the newly limited deductability of Mortgage Interest as well as State and Local Taxes.

Once done at the house, we fought rush hour traffic to get home. We exchanged Christmas gifts before we parted for the day, and I then drove down to Yonkers for game night.

- - - - - -

At game night, I shared some news about a Co-Op issue with the hostess, and she found it interesting that I could say "Thank You, Jeff Sessions!" after explaining the whole situation to her.  As much as I think the former DOJ advice made it easy for a statute to be abused, I think it very lucky for us that the DOJ advice is now gone - just at the right time. A little later, a new woman came to play games, and she stayed until 10:30.  After the new lady left, the hostess said to me that she never expects the newcomer to return.  Given our group's history with women, I feel she may be right.

The drive home was depressing.  There was nothing terribly wrong to cause me problems. But the depressing overly moist air kept me using the wipers (and spritzers) to keep the windshield clean, and it started to drizzle a little as I was nearing home. I hate driving in conditions like this, and I wished that someone else could have been behind the wheel tonight.


  1. Someone else at the wheel, sounds good. But heaven forbid, not an autonomous car...

    At least not until they work out (and publicize) the many ethical decisions which will necessarily be programmed into them. Like if faced with the evil choice between a collision with a gasoline tanker truck, or a school bus, or a pedestrian, or a crowded store front, which one will artificial intelligence choose to hit?

    And once they let that autonomous genie out of the bottle, carmakers will also need to program a button into the dash of conventional cars - which will send a signal to the autonomous car that the driver of the conventional car "flipped it the bird."

    Just my opinion...


    1. Mandy -

      People don't understand the ethical questions that come with "Artificial Intelligence." The public will have to become aware of the decisions AI will need to address and address how they will be handled. In the case where the AI driven car might have to sacrifice its rider, I'd have it protect the rider at all costs. It is not responsible for other lives. We will need the equivalent of "No Fault Insurance" to address this kind of issue. People will still be safer than they are today. But we will not be able to eliminate all risk.