Saturday, January 27, 2018

A belated birthday dinner with the Cat Lady

I just couldn't resist this picture for the top of the entry.  The Cat Lady (TCL) certainly isn't crazy, but she loves her cats.  If there had been a spark between us as more than friends, I'd have given her a different moniker - such as GFL2. (You can guess what her name is - I'm not telling here.)  But I've grown to like seeing her now and then, as she is a form of reality check on my style.

- - - - - -

TCL and I have been trying to get together for a while. The holidays got in the way, and then a cold, the weather, and a foot injury. So I was very happy that the stars aligned for us to finally get together. So I got in my car around 4:45, and drove to TCL's house by the Bear Mountain Bridge.  I arrived at her house around 5:45, then helped her a little as she made it from her garage to my car. And then it was off to the restaurant for a 6:15 dinner.

The restaurant (Primo Amore) was amazingly empty when we arrived, but it got busy shortly after we got there. TCL doesn't digest lactic acid that well, so she took 3 Lactaid tablets before ordering Chicken Parmigiana. Since I have a cast iron stomach, I ordered some seafood over pasta in a garlic based sauce. We both decided to have dairy based desserts, and TCL needed to take more Lactaid tablets before we left for home. (I'll bet that she will avoid dairy products like the plague for a while, as she was running to and from the water closet more than she expected.)  When she was back at the table, I asked her if she was interested in meeting me while in Marian Mode, and she said "Yes."  This means I'll try to catch up with her before my upcoming cruise and introduce her to Marian....

- - - - - -

All too soon, the evening had to end. So I dropped TCL off at her house and made my way home. Although I could have called GFJ, I didn't have that much to say and I wanted some quiet time for myself. So I drove home, got comfortable, and surfed the web a little before getting ready for bed....

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