Thursday, December 21, 2017

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with GFJ

The next two days spent with GFJ dealt with her departure from the hospital and the beginning of her recovery from her operation.  I don't think GFJ was really ready for how she felt coming out of the hospital. But like Lili, she soldiered on with both feet marching forward - with a bit of difficulty as she got into the car.

- - - - - -

Having spent all day Tuesday being at the hospital for GFJ, it was a relief to stay the night in my own bed and take care of little things before picking her up the next morning.  I was lucky to have gone home that night, as my uncle sent me a fruit basket whose contents needed to be refrigerated as soon as possible.

On Wednesday morning, I straightened up the place again, so that my cleaning lady could work her magic in my place. And then, I was out the door by 10 am, so that I could meet GFJ at the hospital at 11 am to take her home.  Arriving at the hospital, I didn't want to deal with security guards or hall passes to reach GFJ's room.  So I employed a tactic many people use to enter places which are mildly restricted - entering as if I'm supposed to be there, heading for a doorway where visitors are expected (such as the Same Day Surgery area), and then proceeding where I needed to go without interference.

When I arrived, GFJ was much more awake than she was the night before, and was almost ready to get dressed and leave the hospital. So around noon, she started to get dressed while I moved to bring the car to the discharge area. And 15 minutes later, both of us reached the same place at the same time - then we were off to get some real food into us.

After lunch, we took a drive along Route 28, and saw some pretty Catskill Mountain sights. It was a perfect day for this kind of drive, save that GFJ still needed to pick up some medicine at the local pharmacy and I needed to get something to drink with dinner this evening.

Arriving at GFJ's house, I carted everything inside, and then helped her go up the steps. Although only her stomach area muscles were affected by the operation, her whole body was affected.  She won't be able to lift anything that weighs more than a pound or two for a while, and that means many of her daily activities will have to be changed while she recovers.  (I can only imagine how she'll feel putting on her bra for the first time after the surgery - or when she takes it off later that day.)  So guess who ends up doing the cooking and cleaning for the rest of the week?

Once done with dinner, I had to reboot her router, as her TV wasn't picking up Netflix.  This would not be acceptable, as she has the most basic cable, and doesn't get the plethora of channels I get on my system. While working on "technical things", I decided to check out her internet speed.  It's less than a quarter of the speed I'm getting at home.  As much as I love complaining about my local cable company, I know I can get much worse service elsewhere.

Finally resting for the night, I kept her company until she was ready to fall asleep. And then, I decided to catch up on my web surfing before I got tired enough to fall asleep....

- - - - - -

Thursday, I was glad to be there for GFJ. She was not in the best of shape. But she was alert and able to function.  However, she was unable to lift things that weighed more than a couple of pounds. So, that meant that I had to do all of the tasks which required lifting - including putting food in the oven to cook and cleaning the dishes.  (She already has about 48 half-liter bottles sitting on the kitchen counter top, so that she can get something to drink. Normally, she uses water from a 5 gallon water dispenser kept in the kitchen, which I had to reload after she emptied it into bottles.) I was glad to help.

The big task was something she couldn't do herself - replace an internet router.  Her old router dropped connection several times during the prior evening, and couldn't be depended on for her to view movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime. There was nothing wrong with the internet connection to the house (save for it being slow), so the problem had to be with the old router.  Around noon, I ended up driving to Walmart to buy a new router and then to install it. (And that's when my laptop computer died - but that's another story.)  About 3 hours later, I was back, and ready to install the new router.  Unfortunately, this task took much more work than expected.  Her cable company's interface required the MAC Address from her old, non functional, computer to recognize the new router.  (Apparently, they used a cloned MAC Address as part of the setup.)  This meant that I had to get this information from the old router, and plug it into the new router before finishing the installation process.

When done, I was finally able to get comfortable, and then we rested in bed watching movies for the rest of the evening....

- - - - - -

On Friday, I knew it was time to go home. I made another "milk run" for her and picked up some prune juice (in addition to her medicine) to aid in her digestion.  (Her surgeon wanted her to take medicine to help her with expected constipation.)  I also helped her reapply the surgical girdle she has to wear while her stomach heals from her operation.  And then it was time to go home.

I'm not absolutely sure of when we can get together next.  Her sons are coming up for Xmas, and she isn't ready to confront them with the fact that she's been dating again. But I know one thing - I'll have next weekend free for myself.

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