Sunday, December 31, 2017

The run up to Christmas, and the day itself.

Two days as Marian, followed by Christmas as Mario.  I'm not sure how I feel about switching between Marian and Mario at this time of year, but it is annoying that I can't stay as Marian throughout the period between Christmas and New Year.

Note: This entry is written in 3 parts, each of which is tense appropriate for the day it is written.

- - - - - -

I woke up to darkness on Saturday morning.  No, I didn't wake up before sunrise.  Instead, I woke up to a dark sky and rain.  This meant that I'd be in no hurry to do anything that meant going outside my door. So I proceeded to cook myself some breakfast - something I don't often do because of when I get myself moving most days.

Once I got down to starting this entry, I got a series of phone calls.  First was from some solicitor looking for money. He was easy to blow off - I just said "Click!"  But next was my brother, and he was insistent on reaching me without leaving a message.  And he finally saw the need for making a business decision which I suggested we do earlier. But the important part of the conversation was in regard to our father on Christmas day.  My dad has a hard time walking, even with assistance. In good weather, it is a major effort to get him in and out of my brother's car, and then into and out out of my brother's house. With the snow that was forecast for Christmas Day, I let my brother know the importance of being careful with dad in bad weather.

Later on, I decided to go out.  Although I missed getting to Catherine's in Poughkeepsie before they closed for the day, I did get to The Avenue and bought a couple of things - a necklace for me, and some cozy socks for GFJ.  On the way home, I stopped at the Fishkill Walmart to pick up a couple of things. But it was so busy and so understaffed at the registers, that each line extended 20 people (or more) deep.  Leave it to Walmart to not have enough people manning the registers.

Next, it was down to the Mohegan Lake Walmart which wasn't as crowded. And there, I was able to pick up the little things I needed before going down to road to buy some bacon for a late night bite to eat.  When I got home, I was just about to cook the bacon and have it over a salad when GFJ called.  Of course, the call lasted so long that I will end up eating only one of the salad mixes on Sunday, and probably tossing out the expired one with the trash.

- - - - - -

I slept well for a change, and got up very late on Christmas Eve.  About the only thing I could do with what little time there was left before everything shut down for a couple of days was either to go to a movie or do some last minute shopping.  Instead, I decided to cook some bacon for a salad I planned to make last night, and consign myself to going out as Mario one day earlier than planned.

Of course, I ended up staying inside again.  I have to start being more active, as I've noticed a slight weight gain since winter started.  So I figure that on good days, I might just end up going out for walks instead of being a couch potato.

With the above being said, today ended up being another Jammie Day, and I ended up watching movies all day.  Of course, the appropriate Xmas Eve movies were on - Home Alone and all its sequels.  But I won't really consider it Christmas until I see the hostage situation end at the Nakatomi Plaza Building....

- - - - - -

They predicted 0"-2" of snow for Christmas in Northern Westchester, and rain on Long Island. And the weatherman was right - there was a little more than a dusting on the ground, but not enough to cause any problems once on the road.

I got moving later than expected, and sliced the Amaretto Fudge Brownies I made the night before.  Then I got showered, shaved, and dressed - and out the door a little after 1 pm.  Once on the road, I had easy sailing until I reached the bridge, and then traffic inched along until I made it to Queens. Virtually everything that could feed the Cross Island Parkway was jammed. But I took an unusual route to get to my brother's place, arriving just after he brought my dad into his house.

As I expected, I ate a little too much. But the food was good. One of the gifts I received was a nice sake serving set.  Now, I have no excuse not to buy the bottle of sake I talked about with my niece and nephew on my dad's birthday.

Going home was much easier than going to my brother's place.  Knowing how to bail out of traffic along the Cross Island Parkway, I made it to the Triboro Bridge and had an easy ride home.  Along the way, I stopped at an ATM for some cash, and found out that my bank's ATM card no longer allows me to connect to savings at one of their affiliate's branches.  (The internet bank I use was bought out by a large bank, but keeps its separate identity. As a result, ATM cards issued by the internet bank only can have cash withdrawals from the associated checking account and not a savings account.)  And once I had my money, I drove straight home without making any phone calls.

Why did I mention phone calls?  Well, at a certain time of night, I find it easy to call either GFJ or Lili to chat.  After 9 pm, my old phone plan allows for me to make free calls.  And since both Lili and GFJ are up, this is the best time for me to chat with them.  However, GFJ is with family, and Lili is overseas.  So I made the ride home in silence....

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