Sunday, December 17, 2017

The last day of Speech Therapy for the semester

Yes, I know the old line: "It's not over until the fat lady sings."  And I certainly do not have a feminine singing voice - yet. 😀  It's obvious to anyone who has heard my voice that I never will have a feminine singing voice. But I find the process of feminizing my voice to be a pleasant one, and one I will continue next semester.

- - - - - - 

This morning, I was expecting to see snow on the ground when I woke up. The weatherman had forecast the snow to start around 4 am, and my driveway was free of snow around 8 am.  Being expected to arrive at Mercy on time, I prepared accordingly for my time outside. Of course, today was not the day for me to be wearing anything that looked like a dress. So I wore a tunic with leggings, making sure that I wouldn't look out of place around other women.

Arriving at Mercy a little early (for a change), I dropped my check off and waited for the therapist to come with the two students learning their craft. As expected, they had me go through the process of taking current measurements on my voice and then reviewed the status of my progress in developing a feminine voice for everyday use.

Once we were done with all that, we became much less serious and started to let our hair down. The therapist came in and joined us, and then the fun really began. I commented on some of the things I've experienced in my social transition, including the lack of pockets in my clothes and needing to use a handbag. And I had fun describing how the women on the shopping channel love to say about some of the clothes they sell: "and it has POCKETS!" Most men will never understand how useful pockets are until they don't have them, and yet will never feel the comfort of wearing clothes that sit flat on the body.  The two young women didn't understand why us older women need Spanx, and both the therapist and I had that unique connection that being well aged can give us.

Soon, we were joined by another student and the M2F transgender just starting the process of developing her feminine voice. And the conversation got even more pleasantly animated. For a while, it sounded like our group was auditioning for a local comedy club. Yet, there was something serious going on. The M2F transgender was only 17, and was brought there by her mother. I'd have loved to connect with her to learn what her child went through. At 17, she had already used mind altering beverages, and could easily pass for someone who could legally buy these products from the local store. Luckily, this young woman is seeing a good doctor for hormones, and seems to have the full support of her family.

Before our joint session ended, we bantered around an idea that all of us should get together again for coffee or something.  Hopefully, any reluctance to do so will be overcome, and that we can continue knowing each other now that the semester has ended.

- - - - - -

Once the session ended, it was time to go home.  Snow was starting to stick, and I took my time going home. Although no one seemed to be driving stupidly, I didn't feel like taking any chances. So once I got to Croton, I stopped at the store to get some food to cook tonight, and then went straight home for the day....

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