Saturday, December 30, 2017

The blending of days has gotten to me

All of us older folk have "Senior Moments" now and then.  Today, I now have proof that being unemployed has been messing with my memory - I totally forgot about rescheduling my shift at the GLBT center.

- - - - - -

It took me forever to get moving, and I decided to go to New Jersey to go shopping at JC Penney.  My old Vera Bradley bag is showing severe signs of wear, and it was time to replace it  Although Poughkeepsie is closer to me, I wanted to see the chaos in Paramus. So I got out of the house by 8, and started hunting for a parking spot around 9 pm.

Hunting for a parking spot in a crowded mall parking lot is an experience. Not only are people ignoring stop signs, directional signs, and other communications which help make driving a safer experience, but they don't know how to hunt for good spots. As a result, it took me a while to find a spot near the store. And I was very lucky to find a spot very close to the mall entrance as well.

Once in the mall, I headed over to Penney's and searched for a new pocketbook. The store was in expected disarray, but not the kind of mess one sees in a dying store such as Sears. The merchandise was mostly where it was expected to be, and both the racks and shelves were doing the products justice - it was still a pleasant experience to be able to examine the store's wares, knowing that what I was looking for was in its correct place. I hemmed and hawed for a little bit, but found a bag I liked for $33.  If I don't like it after a little bit of use, I can still buy the Vera Bradley bag I want as a replacement at the outlet mall. Until then, I plan to get some use out of this bag.  

Next, it was off to eat.  Although I think I might have gotten misgendered while stopping in Teavana, I was correctly gendered when I got to California Pizza Kitchen. Although Pizza figures prominently in this chain's name, Pizza is only a small part of the offerings they serve.  Given the word "California" in the name, I expected and noticed unusual ingredients in some of the pizzas they offered. But I settled on ordering something more traditional - Mushroom, Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza.  Unfortunately, they screwed up cooking my first pizza. But they apologized for it before any pizza came to my table. They immediately put in an order for a new pizza before telling me about the problem, and compensated me with a dessert which I wasn't planning to order otherwise.  In short, they saw a problem before I did, worked to fix the problem before it came to my table, then notified me of the problem AND gave me something extra as a way of taking care of the customer.  I'd go back there again if all restaurants in this chain were as good.

When I left the mall, I received a text from GFJ.  Unfortunately, she was not able to talk, one of her kids being in the next room.  Since I won't be speaking with her until Tuesday, I will have two more days in Marian Mode before a little over a week as Mario (with a few hours as Marian for my stint at the GLBT center).  What a potential bummer.


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