Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Quickie: Politics (The run up to Election Day.)

I started writing this entry on the day before Election day.  Normally, I often have events that cause me to miss non-presidential elections. But this year, I've made it a point to vote.  One problem - I have gotten very annoyed by the sheer number of "get out the vote" calls that have been making it to my phone.

Years ago, congress exempted itself and other political entities from having to refer to "Do not call" lists to determine whether to call a potential contributor or a potential voter. This means that every year around election day, many of us are subject to a countless number of calls imploring us to vote for their candidates.  Promises are made, and relatively few are kept.  Sadly, campaign promises are just as worthless as a statement coming from Sarah Sanders (Trump's current press secretary). And I've learned not to believe any of them. Instead, I look at the results a leader has achieved over the years, and vote for that person if I feel s/he has gotten the job done (or has tried to do an impossible job).

So far, I've received 3-4 campaign calls today. And I'll be glad when the election season ends tomorrow. Maybe then, my phone can return to its usual set of scam messages from overseas scammers.

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