Monday, November 6, 2017

Quickie: GFJ and a friend

Yesterday, GFJ came over after a full day of activities with a meetup group and one of her friends. Well, something very interesting occurred - the friend who told GFJ about my obsolete Marian Mode ad in OKC had told several friends in their mutual circle. 

Towards the end of the day, and just before GFJ was to leave her friend, the friend brought up the topic of me being TG. (She saw me as a vanilla crossdresser.)  The friend had seen some of the photos, and wasn't bothered by it.  She asked GFJ whether GFJ knew about this (she did, since our second date), and the friend was happy.  I'm pretty sure that GFJ noted that this friend was impressed by my presentation, and then said: "He dresses better than I do!" 

As you can guess, I was in a good mood when GFJ finally made it down here. And you can bet that I'm very glad that I strive to make as authentic and reasonable presentation as possible.  I'm not ashamed of being out, and GFJ knows it.  Now, she can say that another one of her circle supports her and has no problems with me for who I am.

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