Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lunch with Lili

Lili, as she looked this Summer when we took our Canada / New England cruise.  Once she saw how her weight loss affected her face's looks, she started to want plastic surgery to make her face look as good as she felt inside.

- - - - - -

Yesterday, I made an appointment to have lunch with her today.  I had totally forgotten about it when she called to ask me a question. And at that point, I came to full consciousness and went - "Holy S**t!!!!" And I then apologized for forgetting about lunch.  Well, she was running late, and we agreed to get together at the Yorktown diner.

Over lunch, Lili discussed her problems with her ex husband and her current beau. The ex has no one to care for him and helps Lili on a transactional basis.  (He wants someone to look out for his interests as he gets older.) The current beau is broke, but treats Lili very well.  There is only one problem - Lili can't let go of her past, and put a family history with money behind her enough to stop griping about this fellow and his lack of money.  She knows she has a problem, and just needed to vent today.

- - - - - -

After lunch, I decided to take a "longish" drive over to Danbury to see what was in stock at Lane Bryant and at The Avenue. There was only one thing I might have been interested in buying, and that was an open front cardigan in royal blue being sold at 50% off of list price. For $25, it is a good deal, and something I might have bought had I been more flush with money.

By the time I was finished in Danbury, the Pre-Thanksgiving traffic jams had moved onward, and I was able to make it home without much traffic. I'm glad I don't have to fight these traffic jams on a regular basis, but dread the jams I'll have to deal with tomorrow when I drive to Long Island to see family.

PS: I got the wake information for Ex-GF-M's mother in law, and will be going there this
      Sunday. It will be one of four straight days where I must present as Mario. I'm not
      looking forward to paying my respects, but it is something I am expected to do....

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