Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Election Day

It's Election Day, and things are going not as well as I'd like. Nothing really bad happened to me, but there are some sad things that I must note for the beginning of the day.  First, a long delayed meeting with M, an acquaintance from my night time visits to Walmart, got called in for an extra shift - and there went coffee or tea in Peekskill. Then, Vicki had to end the possibility of getting together for a second week in a row, as her brother in law is dying and her husband is helping to make end-of-life plans for his brother.  It's a sad start to the day, but not something earth shattering to me. If anything, it would prod me into seeing my dad, as I will already be in Mario mode for part of the day.

- - - - - -

After getting dressed as Mario, it was out the door and on to vote.  Luckily, the place is very close, and I also didn't have to wait long to vote.  If I were planning on going back to Marian mode for the day, I could have done so, and would have done so if I were going out later as Marian.  When I arrived, I found one of my neighbors was manning the polling place. Once I cast my ballot, I noted that she should have been at our public meeting with our lawyer, so that she could have her concerns about her upstairs neighbor addressed. Since she give the "it's the co-op's problem, why should I take any active interest in protecting my interests?" attitude, I've resolved to tell both her and her upstairs neighbor not to bother with me with their crap again. Neither of them were willing to talk to our lawyer at the public meeting for free. Why should I bother to help people who won't bother to help themselves?

Next, it was off to see my dad.  It's been a while since I've seen him, and I wanted to make sure that I see him before Thanksgiving in case I make other plans for the day. It was a pleasure crossing the bridge today, as I didn't need to slow down for toll booths anymore. Although there was a traffic slowdown on the bridge due to construction, it was much easier to tolerate than the traffic that once backed up at the toll booths.

When I reached my dad, I knew that I wouldn't have much time there. But it was about 45 minutes of really good time before I had to leave. Even then, I knew that I was going to hit the rush hour traffic jams on the way home. Again, I was very glad that the toll booths were not going to cause any problems for me on the way home.  By the time I made it to the Bronx, the rains began to come down hard, and I was glad that I didn't have to be "outside" on a day like this. It took me a little over an hour and a half to get home (excluding a stop for food), and once home, in for the night.

- - - - - -
If I were out to my family, I'd have gone shopping today.  Several of the stores I enjoy browsing through are a short drive from my dad's nursing home. Instead, since I voted and stayed as Mario, at least I can say that I was one of the voters who, by voting Democrat, helped nudge this country a little bit towards the left.  If I were in one Virginia district, I'd certainly have voted for Danica Roem, a Trans Woman whose victory I celebrate today.

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