Saturday, November 25, 2017

An idle Friday

I had way too much food in the refrigerator, and had to make use of some of it before it went to waste. So, late last night, I browned come chopped meat that was about to expire and started the process of making some chili. This morning, my goal was to complete the process of making the chili by putting the ingredients into my crock pot and cooking them for several hours.

- - - - - -

As you can guess, today was a day where I had nothing planned.  I decided to write to the Cat Lady and catch up on things, and found out that I had forgotten to wish her a Happy Birthday.  Since it was also the anniversary of my wife's death, I know what was on my mind that day. But I should have contacted her anyway.  Well, if I've blown this friendship, I don't think I've lost that much. But it is something I wish I hadn't done.

One of the things I've noticed lately is that I don't want to go out much, as I know that going out will only cause me to be in a position to spend money. This is not my prime reason for not going out. Without people to see and places where I'm needed to be, I just find it hard to justify doing anything these days.

- - - - - -

Yesterday, I dropped off a lot of stuff for the donation bins at the GLBT center I volunteer for on Thursdays.  Since I won't be there next week, I may make a special trip there during the week to donate stuff that's been sitting in my storage compartment for ages. It's about time that I start to work on the project of cleaning out this space so that I can make more productive use out of it.  However, I think I'll have to schedule my donations carefully, as I will likely need to shift donations into 2018 for tax purposes.

Tomorrow is the last voice therapy session before Thanksgiving.  I'll miss seeing these two women at the end of the semester.  But I'm glad I could be part of their lives for a while - even if it is only in a professional (their) capacity.  Afterwards, I get to spend some time as Marian before GFJ comes over. (This may change, based on how she feels - she's had a nasty bug for a week.) It'll be nice to get some shopping in as Marian before the holiday rush.

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