Sunday, November 12, 2017

A voice for Marian and a dinner with Vicki

This morning, I woke up early to go to speech therapy.  Even though I didn't have enough sleep the night before (a constant problem for me), I got to Mercy College awake and alert for the session.  I'm going to be a little sad when this semester ends, as I've grown to like these two women - both of whom are less than half my age.

When I arrived, they were ready for me. (it's usually a flip of the coin whether one of us will be 5 minutes late.)  So, I went to the session room and the ladies showed me 3 books which we could use for phrases to help improve my vocal inflections. One of them I've had the pleasure of reading before: "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves."  This gave me the opening to tell the following old and slightly ribald joke:

An American woman meets a Koala in an Australian pub. He wines and dines her, then they go back to her hotel room.  They make mad, passionate love. And all too early, he climaxes. At that point, he starts getting dressed and makes his way to the door. She asks:

"Why are you going so soon?"

He responds,

"I'm a Koala."

She says,

"What does that mean?"

And he replies,

"Look at the definition of a Koala in your dictionary."

She opens the dictionary and reads:

"Koala, n.: An Australian mammal that eats shoots and leaves."

Yes, it's an old joke.  But it illustrates the importance of using correct punctuation in modern writing.

After the session, I drove out to New Jersey and picked up a nice casual shirt that I can wear with the feminine jeans I picked up the other day. And then, I made it back to New York to rest before getting together with Vicki.

- - - - - -

At home, I rested a little while. Then, I changed from the feminine shirt and trouser combination I wore in the morning into a little black dress that I'd be wearing this evening.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner, and then it was time to share our desserts. As you can see, I look terrible in pictures these days, and may consider facial plastic surgery once I can lose some weight.

Sadly, Vicki will soon go in for surgery herself. But in her case, it will be to prevent a problem she has from getting worse and crippling her.  One of her 3 medical problems is related to her ligaments compressing her spinal column.  With the damage already done to her vertebrae, she will always be in pain. But with the operation, she will likely not become a cripple.

All too soon, our dinner had to end.  We may end up going to another restaurant for the end of Restaurant Week.  If so, I'll have to change museum plans with my niece.  I'll deal with that problem if it comes up.

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