Saturday, November 4, 2017

A day I stayed in, and would have gone out had I known what was coming.

There are two or three things with which I could always occupy my time.  First is sifting through the mess in my apartment or the downstairs storage compartment. Second is doing some of the laundry which has accumulated in the apartment. And third is catching up on any of the other little tasks around the home.  Of these, I only started  to do some laundry at the tail end of the day.

- - - - - -

I got up late in the day, and didn't want to bother getting dressed. So it started off as a nice "Jammie Day" until the late afternoon came.  And then the call came from my cousin, giving me the few details that he had of the bad news regarding my uncle. (Actually, he's my mother's cousin in law, but I refer to him as my uncle.)  He (my uncle) has been in bad health for a long while now, and both my aunt and her daughter have been taking care of him at home due to a lack of prior senior planning.  Unlike New York, the state of New Jersey does not allow for a "destitute" senior receiving medicaid nursing home assistance to have any more than $2,000 in assets (in NYS, the figure is $14,500).  And I'm not sure if they can attach the assets of the healthy spouse to pay for the care of the invalid, leaving him/her homeless.  (Again, NYS treats the healthy spouse with more respect, allowing him/her to retain his/her share of joint property.) As a result of all these complications, my aunt has basically been housebound because of her ailing spouse. And it must have been hell on her and her daughter. Although my uncle is now dead, I feel that his death may be a great relief to his wife and his daughter.

Later on, my brother called, and we discussed my uncle's death.  Assuming that the funeral ceremony is held on Monday, I'll be sure to meet him there and then go somewhere afterwards to talk about our own family financial planning.  Given that we have a financial asset that we both own and that in which our dad has a life interest, we have to take steps now to protect it for my niece and nephew.  (My retirement assets will be spent for me first, and those assets that remain will be directed to go either to a scholarship trust or to my niece and nephew.)

- - - - - -

Once I saw how late it was, I decided to get dressed as Mario and do my laundry.  Although I started to do two loads, there are at least 4 more left to go.  (You can see how much I enjoy laundry.) These loads (sheets, towels, etc.) will be done over the weekend as I have time. Unfortunately, I have a senile lady living in the next doorway who frustrated me to the extreme, and I ended up shouting at her tonight. Around 8:30, I put my two loads of laundry into the washers, with the idea of putting them into the dryers at 9:00.  When I went down to put them into the dryers, the senile lady had put her blanket into one dryer, and some already dry stuff into the other.  She started to give me explanations of why she was doing so, and I said I didn't want to hear them.  I asked her to stop several times, and told her that I was in a very bad mood (not explaining my uncle's death).  And she continued looking to explain things to me.  After a while, I shouted to her to STFU!  I haven't been this angry in ages.  Only then did she get angry at me, as she realized that I wasn't going to put up with her nonsense.  I was glad that I was walking out the door and far enough away to chill out without help.

The senile old lady is the same person whose actions caused the fire department to come over to deal with a preventable issue in her apartment.  (If I were not on the board, I probably could say more. But I don't remember where my knowledge comes from public sources and where they come from information supplied to the co-op board.)  I try to avoid this woman and her daughter as much as possible as both are basket cases. Sadly, tonight was a night where she got to me, and I had to chill out afterwards. So I called a fellow board member, HWA, and chatted for the better part of an hour.  To be safe, I'll also mention this incident to HWV when we chat on Sunday, as I want others on the board to be aware of my position in advance of any communications from the senile lady.

- - - - - -

It's too bad that I didn't check my phone's texts around 5 pm.  If I had done so, the above incident would not have happened.  Instead, I'd have gotten showered, made up, and dressed, then out the door to see RO.  The laundry would have waited a day, and I wouldn't have had to suffer the angst I had to do tonight.

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