Friday, October 27, 2017

Volunteering and then going shopping.

Sometimes I feel as old as the computer in this photo. Seeing a woman in any technological field seemed like a rarity way back when. And even now, women are under represented in the STEM fields - even though they may have a better chance of success in these fields than those typically pursued by women.

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When I awoke this morning, I knew that I had to get my apartment cleaned up enough so that the cleaning lady's efforts would be worth the month I pay her. So I spent a couple of hours cleaning up the mess in this place before shaving, showering, doing my make up, dressing and going out.  Well, the cleaning lady came a half hour earlier than expected, and I had to tell her to come back later as I was in the process of making up my face and didn't want to remove evidence of Marian and get dressed as Mario for the time she would be here..  She was unhappy about having to return later, but she went to see another client before coming back to take care of my place.

Less than a half hour after the cleaning lady left, I was made up, dressed, out the door,and on the way to my volunteer assignment. Today, I was assigned to update their website's calendar, add a couple of job postings to the opportunities page, and finish editing the Powerpoint presentation they have as a running display on two video screens on site.This was almost mindless work, but was good enough to keep me from getting bored during my time there.

Next, it was down to Yonkers to do some window shopping at The Avenue. It was surprising to see a man working at the store. So I joked with one of the women there (after she complimented him on his work attitude and productivity) and said: "Now, we know something men are good for!"  She smiled.  Then, she clued me in to when the next "big" sale is going to be. And I said I'll be there for that sale.  (There are some foul weather boots I want to buy, and I don't want to pay list price for them.)  At that point, she got busy and I knew it was time to leave.

Lastly, it was off to Stew Leonard's to buy some food stuffs.  It's amazing how quickly some carrots, chocolate milk, salad greens, and a rotisserie chicken can fly into my shopping cart. But this time, I knew what I was going to do when I got home - use the lazy woman's recipe for chicken noodle soup.  (First, you start with a pre-cooked bird, some broth, and some linguini....)  With a hot chicken, I would only have to cook some linguine and some carrots, then warm up some broth to make this meal work.

When I was done with assembling this meal, I had a soup which is more healthy than that I'd get in a can. And I still had some carrots, 3/4 pound of linguine and 1/2 a chicken I could use in other meals.  I think I'll have to start learning short cut recipes from the Lazy Woman's cookbook, so that I can eat better for a lesser cost.

PS: Game night was cancelled today.  Otherwise, I'd have had my usual meal at Panera...

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