Thursday, October 19, 2017

Someone cut the cable ...but not me.

I go from having a phone line problem to having a cable problem in less than a month.  Do you think karma is trying to catch up with me?  I think it's plain dumb luck....

- - - - - -

When I got up today, I had two things on my schedule. The first was lunch with Lili. And the second was dinner with Peggy.  Given that I was starting to run low on funds for the week, I decided to bail on Lili and just see Peggy.  This was just as well.  Around noon, my internet and TV were suddenly disconnected. And I was doing nothing with any of the equipment (or cables) in the house which should have triggered this condition.

With my inactivity in mind, I knew the problem was likely associated with an outside cable.  Since the problem could have been caused by faulty maintenance for someone else, I decided to wait a little before scheduling a service call.  Since this could run me money, I figured that I'd burn a few dollars each month and subscribe to an over priced wire service plan. The earliest they could get me an appointment was tomorrow between 11 and 2. This meant that I had to give the GLBT center a call to tell them I might be late, or delay my weekly visit until Friday. It also meant that I might have to empty my bookcase so that the service agent could access the incoming cable feed.

As I was going out to see Peggy, I decided to walk around the back of the building to see if there was anything amiss about the cable feeds to the apartments. Three apartments are served from a single cable feed, with one tap ("wiring/connection box") per apartment. Looking at the feed to my chain of three apartments, it appeared that the top feed (to my apartment) had shifted out of alignment and away from the outside wall.  There was likely too much stress on the coaxial cable coming into my apartment and it likely snapped in two. This means that I'll need to make it easy for the cable service agent to connect a new coaxial cable into the apartment and to make that area easily accessible to him/her.

- - - - - -

Once done at home, it was off to Micro Center and to An Beal Bocht where I'd be seeing Peggy and her boyfriend. We had a good dinner and suffered through some bad poetry. (I'm not into modern poetry.) On the way home, I called GFJ while she was on her way home from a wake in New Jersey.  We both got to our respective houses within a few minutes of each other. So the timing was just right to start and end the call.

After I got inside, I installed the wireless adapter I bought at Micro Center, and configured it to connect to a nearby hot spot so that I can take care of my nightly tasks. Hopefully, the cable problem will be fixed quickly, and I'll be able to remove this adapter from my computer....


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