Sunday, October 15, 2017

Quickie: Waking up early on a Saturday morning.

I wish I could have felt as refreshed as this woman does this morning.  My schedule called for me to get up around 6:30 (with minimal sleep) and be at the testing site by 8:30 for the civil service exam.  With maybe 3 hours of sleep, being fully awake wasnt going to happen without liberal doses of caffeine.

- - - - - -

Even though I awoke around 6:30, it was hard for me to get moving.  Double and triple checking everything was the order of the day, including having duplicate copies of my exam admission notice (something I needed), and packing extra pencils with erasers in case of need.  Arriving at Poughkeepsie H.S. at 8:15, I found that the parking lot was almost empty. This made me glad that I didn't dilly-dally at home, and cutting my arrival time too close for comfort.  Now, I had a convenient parking spot and was better able to get an idea of the type of person taking this exam before the test started.

Going inside the building, we were directed to the auditorium.  Most of the people taking the exam were long term civil servants, people who fit the mold of being a typical civil servant. It takes a special type of person to work for any government, and the personality type reflects this. Instead of finding people who aggressively pursue self interest (money, power, status, etc.), one finds mostly gregarious people who prefer stability over high risk/high reward careers. Yes, there are always exceptions to any rule. But I didn't see this in any of the people who I tested with.

The exam itself was more an endurance test than anything else. One could say that it measured the aptitude for someone to be a good paper pusher. To me, I think that it simply exists to weed out people who weren't good at details, those who could not process things logically, and those who weren't good at following instructions. I got hung up on one area of the test, generating tables from raw data, as I couldn't balance one total with that generated for another table. Did I miss something?  The answer is probably yes, but who knows?

- - - - - - 

After 2 & 1/2 hours, I was done for the day.  It was with some relief that I drove home via the Dutchess county back roads.  It was time to go home and sleep for a while, and this was the most important thing I could do....

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