Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Quickie: A midweek speech therapy session.

I didn't get moving until well after noon today. And I had only one thing on my agenda - going to an advance make up session for my speech therapy at Mercy College.  This session makes up for the day that I will lose when I take the civil service exam to be a court assistant.

- - - - - -

Having a therapy session less than one week after a previous session has a big drawback. If one has to perform exercises each day of the week, then very little progress will be made between the scheduled session and the make up session. So, it is almost a waste to have this session. But I do so, in part, because I know that the students running the sessions need to gain experience, and because other people were there for me when I needed to develop my professional skills.

One of the things I learned in today's session was that my voice was able to generate an unsustainable high pitch well into the average female range. However, the average pitch my voice uses for my feminine voice is at the low end of the ambiguous gender range. This means that if I can develop better breath and pitch control, I should be able to raise my feminine pitch by a note or two AND bring it well into the androgynous range.

For some unknown reason, I am very sensitive to the pitch of my voice when speaking as Marian. However, I have yet to master feminine inflections. This will come with time. I've found that the more breaths I take with shorter phrases, the easier it is for me to modulate my voice. Unfortunately, we don't always speak in short phrases.  So I will have to practice better breath control so that I can better control my feminine voice.

Over time, I expect that I'll be able to turn on a feminine voice with the ease of which I turn on a light switch.  Until then, I'll follow the instructions I've been given to get to Carnegie Hall: "Practice, Practice, Practice."

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