Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Quickie: Autumn and the changing of the leaves

Recently, we had days much warmer than normal for this time of year. It was very nice being able to go out in a long dress without having to wear tights for warmth. It seems as if this kind of weather keeps going later and later into the year as my years pass.  Is this global warming, or is this just my age?  I don't think I'll ever know this for myself.

One of the joys of this season is being able to go outside in something comfortable, and only needing a jacket or sweater for when the sun goes down. I still can wear most of my dresses, and all I need is a denim jacket to keep me warm at night.  This will not last for long. But normally, this season will last well into the changing of the leaves.

The older I get, the blander the change from Summer to Winter becomes. The colors of the leaves do not seem to be as vivid as in the picture above.  Is it me, or is something changing in the trees?  That's one question for which I have no answer.  GFJ feels much the same way as I do. And this gives me reason to believe that the climate is changing quicker than we realize.

I miss seeing vividly colored leaves. If I were to travel to Vermont or New Hampshire, would these colors still be as bright as I remember from childhood?  It's not a sure thing. Memories from youth are usually more vivid than the realities of adulthood. I wouldn't mind visiting them again if I didn't have to stay there for long....

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  1. Although late this year because of the unusual warm weather, the colors were the best I've seen them in years up here on Compounce Mountain. However, after yesterday's storm, there are more leaves on the ground now than in the trees!