Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Browsing through clothes racks and trying on dresses

GFJ slept over last night for the first time in about 6 months.  It was nice to have her here again, but it was strange at the same time. I wasn't used to having someone in my bed anymore.

- - - - - -

I woke up around 9 am, while GFJ was taking her shower. By the time 10:00 am came around, she was out the door and I had little to do. So I lounged around much of the day, as I didn't want to go outside in 90 degree weather. But around 4 pm, I decided to go out as Marian, and take a drive to Danbury, CT to browse through the dresses at Lane Bryant and The Avenue.

As usual, I was in no hurry to get to Danbury, as I wasn't really in the mood to buy anything. But I did want to indulge myself by trying on a few dresses to see how they looked.  My first stop was Lane Bryant, where I saw little that interested me. And I got into a nice conversation with the sales ladies there, one of whom admitting that she bought her clothes at a sister store owned by the firm that owned Lane Bryant. It seems like LB may be losing a core customer base, as this theme was mentioned at my next stop, The Avenue.

At the Avenue, I tried on both dresses pictured with this entry. I wasn't impressed with either of them, but I would consider buying them both at the right clearance price. While trying on these dresses, I overheard one customer talking about Lane Bryant and how they no longer have clothes that she wanted to buy. Filing that for further reflection, I finished putting my dress back on and went out to the main floor. And that's where I got into my second conversation of the night. This time, it was with the two sales ladies at The Avenue, and I was there almost to closing time.

Once I left The Avenue, it was homeward bound.  I spent the better part of the late afternoon and early evening out of the apartment, and enjoyed being with people - even if their job was to sell me things that I wasn't yet ready to buy.

- - - - - -

Once at home, I took a little bit of a nap. And then I looked at the stack of bills I had.  It appears that one of my bills (my maintenance payment) was never made.  Although I recorded it in my ledger, it was not in my bank's records.  Did I make it?  Well, tonight's attempt to pay bills may explain the problem.  After scheduling this payment, I attacked the rest of the bills on my desk. And after entering $350 in payments, somehow, I hit the wrong button and cleared out these payments.  So I had to reenter them. And this means I might be about $1,000 poorer than I thought I was when I started off the day.  Damn!  I really should find work soon....

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