Saturday, October 21, 2017

A last day with not much to do, yet with a question to answer.

When I got up today, I realized that I had one thing on my schedule - a postponed afternoon at the GLBT center.  This didn't register strongly in my mind until I became fully conscious.  Yet, a schedule conflict for Monday jumped at me and I had no good way of being in two places at once.  Where did I really want to be?

- - - - - -

Each day as I wake up, I turn off the alarm on my cell phone and look at the stack of messages waiting for me on my cell phone. One of those messages was from GFJ, and it was an invitation to celebrate her friend's birthday at a local (to her) barbecue joint on Monday.  One problem - I'm supposed to be with Lili on Monday afternoon as she goes to see another plastic surgeon about a face lift.  I would not get back in time for dinner with GFJ and her friends. How do I tell GFJ I won't be there, when I would really want to be there?

- - - - - -

As usual, I lazed around most of the morning, and didn't start getting ready to go out until 1 pm. This week's assignment at the GLBT center was to find/generate a canonical list of observance and event days of importance to the GLBT community.  And it took me more time to make the lists able to be sorted on observance and event days than it did to find the information in the first place.

When I was done there, I figured that I might as well run out to New Jersey again as I had nothing better to do, and see if the dress I wanted was at Catherine's in my size (it wasn't) and whether the dress I passed on at target was still on clearance (it was). So I ended up buying a dress I didn't need that I'll be wearing for a short time this year and sometime next year. The thing of note here was not the dress, but the lady at the checkout counter. She was in official store garb, but she was obviously one of our community from the buttons she wore and she took the time to make me smile for the short time we were in each other's presence.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I stopped by Shoprite for some lobsters.  They were on sale, and I try to do at least one lobster boil each year. Just before I started writing this entry, I put the water on to boil. And as I'm finishing the entry, the lobsters are taking their last dip in the water. So on that note, I'm about to clarify some butter and get ready for a feast....

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