Thursday, October 12, 2017

A busy day for me

I can remember the days in which I used to code computer software.  It was fun, and all the traits noted in the above piece of humor still rings true today.  Alas, my skills have grown obsolete, and as a person in her 60's, there is an insurmountable amount of discrimination against my kind.

- - - - - -

There were only two things on my docket for the day.  The first was lunch with my ex-boss. And the second was a co-op board meeting. Both appointments took up what would be a full day of time.

Unlike yesterday, I was up early enough to shave, shower, and get dressed (as Mario) before driving to Rockland County. It was nice seeing my boss again, as we are able to share old memories and preserve some of what bound us together when we were part of an office team.  Like me, his final days at the office were filled with "make work" tasks. But he had an unusual insight into things today - the powerful folk in our immediate chain of command (before being laid off) were female, and there might have been a subtle form of discrimination to make a quota.  Was this true?  I'll never know. But both of us are glad we're gone from the place, and we're better off for leaving when we did.

- - - - - -

On the drive home, I returned a phone call from my brother.  It seems like they didn't take taxes out when we cashed in some of my father's financial assets to pay for his nursing home care. My brother was worried that we'd have to pony up some money to pay our father's tax bill.  I responded: First, we should be able to slow pay the IRS if needed. There's no way they will throw a helpless old man out of a nursing home. Next, given that we likely are able to deduct the nursing home payments from his taxes (given a 10% floor), we may still not owe anything to the IRS.  This made my brother happy, and he said that he'd do dad's taxes tonight.  (We got a 6 month extension for 2016 taxes.  Since my brother is a CPA, I'm sure that he'll figure out a legal way for us not tp pay much more than we've already sent to the IRS.)  Hopefully, my brother will have good news for me when we talk tomorrow.

- - - - - -

After a quick stop at the bank to deposit a check in the joint account my brother and I use for family home expenses, I decided to take a nap before going to the co-op board meeting. Once we reviewed two potential vendors, we got into the meat of the evening's "festivities" and discussed some issues with another vendor.  (I can't say more than that.) By the time we were done, it was almost 10 pm, and I didn't yet have dinner.  So, it was off to the Chinese Take-Out joint, and back home where I could finally relax for the evening....



  1. While I support diversity the are many situations where diversity initiatives and affirmative action have worked against the interest of individuals. In the business environment it has become common place for hiring and promotion decisions to be based on presenting a diverse front rather than on merit. I tend to see things as swinging but I know of many people who should have moved forward but whose positions had to be filled by those who can lay claim to being in a protected class.
    Nothing is perfect and I suspect that is the situation that occurred at your prior place of employment regarding you and your co-worker.

  2. Pat -

    Sadly, you are right. But if it was discrimination, there were other more important factors at work than gender.

    Years ago, I was offered a job at a firm who wanted to steal me from their vendor. However, I was told that they were promoting underqualified women much faster than qualified men as they needed to make a quota. They could have promoted a qualified woman to the spot I would have gotten - I worked with her for a couple of years. But there was age discrimination at work, and they didn't want a 50+ year old woman in the spot. The woman who got the spot was not qualified, and I would have resented working with her, as I'd have been doing her work and mine.

    Sadly, all the people involved are now dead, as this happened over 30 years ago. I'd have loved to have a drink with a couple of them again....