Friday, September 15, 2017

Wednesday and Thursday - The need for sleep finally caught up with me.

Schedule changes are not uncommon for me these days, and I was able to squeeze in a few things over the course of a few texts with people I haven't seen in a while. In the most recent case, I was able to figure out a way to schedule an afternoon with HWA, a day with HWV in NYC, an evening with RO, an evening with Sherry, an evening at the museum with my niece, and dinner with BXM and her new boyfriend. Some of these dates are subject to change, as my uncle is coming in from the coast to visit friends and family late next week. So I expect that I'll be blowing off a networking dinner in NYC to fit the key elements of my social life into my schedule.

- - - - - -              - - - - - -              - - - - - -

Hump Day came, and it was time to see HWA. Part of me wanted to blow this off. But HWA is a good person, and someone who both enjoys my company and who accepts me both as Marian and as Mario. So I walked over to her place around 2:30, and we chatted until sometime after 6 pm.  I don't have too much to say about this chat, as the time went very quickly, and it was something I needed to do to keep myself from becoming a hermit.

Next, it was off to see BXM and her boyfriend. It was still raining on the way down, and I didn't know how tired I really was. (I've been living with 5 hours of good sleep for the past few nights, and though I've felt rested, I knew I needed to get to bed earlier for a better sleep.) It took me about 15 minutes to find a parking spot in Riverdale, but it could have been worse. The rain was just a drizzle by the time I found my spot, and I had a pleasant downhill walk to the restaurant.

We've eaten at this restaurant before, and I'll never be able to remember the name of the place.  (It's an Irish name that doesn't stick in my head.) BXM and her boyfriend were already at the table when I got there, and I proceeded to sit down and chat.  BXM told me that her boyfriend is a little WASPish, and very pleasant to be with.  If I were a cisgender female with an interest in men, I could go for someone like him.  Alas, I'm a transgal, with an interest in females. BXM mentioned all the problems she has been having with her dad and his dementia, and this made me thankful that my dad is in a good place of mind these days.

Normally, having one or two drinks doesn't get to me. But when one is tired, things can be quite different. In this case, I was feeling affected by the first glass of wine, and was starting to feel very tired by the second glass of wine. As much as I wanted to stay with BXM and her boyfriend, I wanted to go home and sleep. Driving home, I was feeling very tired, and considered pulling over for a nap. But I continued on, and was grateful to have made it home in one piece and without any interference from law enforcement.

Within 15 minutes of getting home, I passed out for 3 hours or so, and was wide awake afterward. So it was off to clean the apartment, as the cleaning lady was scheduled to come over the next day.

- - - - - -              - - - - - -               - - - - - -

Thursday can be a very busy day or a very lazy day. It's never somewhere in between these days. In this case, I rushed to clean up the apartment for an expected visit from the cleaning lady.  Unfortunately, she didn't come today, and I will have to call her tomorrow morning to check when her next visit will be.

Once I finished cleaning things up, I loaded my car with whatever I could take downstairs in a single trip and brought it to the GLBT center. It was nice to get another receipt for charitable donations. But the next donation will be for a box of clothes and some more books. I only wish that I started this task while I was employed and had a higher tax bracket, so that the tax deductions would be more valuable.

Work at the GLBT center didn't keep me that busy today, but it got in the way of me going to the Drafthouse theater to see a new movie for only $5.00. It's not a big deal. When I finally got out of the center, I took a slow drive down to The Avenue, and chatted with one of the salesladies for a few minutes.  She's always glad to see me, and I think it is more her personality than mine.

Eventually, I made it down to game night, and had the usual good time.  Unlike most nights, I was on the winning team for a change for one of the games. And we were going strong until shortly before midnight. Even though I was talking with GFJ all the way home, I have only a fuzzy recall of passing through the construction zone just North of route 287.  The need for sleep must still be there, even though I was much more alert than I was the night before.

After making it home, I brought a lot of stuff upstairs including distilled water, a new door handle/lock mechanism for my bathroom door, some single serve brownies in a cup mix, and some chain extenders for necklaces I wear. As I walked up the steps, I became more alert, and figured that I'd change the door handle while I was reasonably awake. Although I could have finished the job, I decided to hold off on one subtask which required the use of a hammer and could annoy my neighbors with a single loud noise.

- - - - - -            - - - - - -            - - - - - -

Next week, I have no definite idea of where I'll be on Thursday.  Will I be having dinner with my family on Long Island?  Will I be seeing RO?  Or, will I be at Game Night as usual?  I won't have an answer to this until the weekend at the earliest.  Life is sure interesting!

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