Monday, September 11, 2017

Quickie: Dating - Slowly wading into the pool

Recently, I have decided to test the waters a little bit and respond to women who have sent messages to me via Plenty of Fish.  So far (at the time I wrote this entry), I have seen one woman, and have chatted with three more.

Since I'm not working, I don't want to get into a routine where I'm forced to spend a bit of money on dates that won't work out. As it stands, two of the women I'm interested in live in New Jersey, and I could arrange to meet them in Mahwah/Suffern or in Nanuet/Spring Valley - depending on which highway (Garden State or Route 17) they are closest to.

Does this mean that I'm giving up on anyone right now?  No.  I'm waiting to see how things go with the Cat Lady, specifically which direction that she wants to take things. And I'm waiting to see whether GFJ backs away or gets closer. Neither woman is a drain on my resources.  So I have no problem outside of scheduling in seeing both ladies. But adding someone who is seriously interested in me will eventually cause me to cut back in the frequency I see the others.

If something were to start getting serious with a new lady, I'll break the news about Marian relatively early.  This will prevent them from feeling betrayed AND make it possible for us to cut our losses early if this is a deal breaker.  However, if I am lucky, I may just find someone who enjoys someone like me.  I'll keep you informed....

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