Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My schedule seems to be sorting itself out.

The above picture illustrates how I felt when I first started to look at my schedule for this week. The weekdays looked something like this:
  1. Monday: Lili- All Day
  2. Tuesday: Either an Off Broadway Play or a 7:00 Ballgame.
  3. Wednesday: Possible 1:00 Ballgame and/or PMI Networking meeting.
  4. Thursday: Volunteering, Dinner with RO, Game Night.
  5. Friday: Alternate date for Volunteering.  
The catch - Wednesday, Thursday or Friday would have to be preempted for dinner with my aunt and uncle who were coming in from the coast, and the whole family (including my dad) would be there. This would make it impossible for me to go to this month's PMI meeting OR to go to this week's game night, and would force me to reschedule dinner with RO and my weekly volunteering stint at the GLBT Center.

Well, this morning I received a call from my brother. My dad had fallen and fractured his hip while walking (with assistance) at the nursing home. He was rushed to the hospital, and was being operated on today. There goes our change to have everyone in the family sitting at the same dinner table. My uncle mentioned that he'd like to see us on Friday for dinner. This was the perfect day for me, as it allowed me the greatest flexibility for the other days in the week. So I could now go to the ballgame on Wednesday, see RO on Thursday, and take care of a lot of business on Long Island on Friday.

Yesterday, I showed Lili the house in which I grew up. On Friday, I will need to stop by the insurance agent who services my dad's homeowner's policy and see what has to be done to transfer the coverage to us. Although my dad retains a life interest in the family home, we do not want for him (read: the nursing home) to get the proceeds from insurance if anything were to happen to the house.

I still have to figure out what my weekend plans are going to look like. GFJ is going to want a piece of my time as well as the Cat Lady. Since GFJ hasn't been sleeping over, I can schedule each of these ladies for their own days. But what happens with the other women from POF that I've talked with?  I'd like to see the lady from Rye again, and see a lady from New Jersey and from White Plains, each for the first time.  I figure that New Jersey would be a day time date, so that could be scheduled for the middle of the week (she is retired). But Rye and White Plains would need to be evening or weekend dates. AARGH!  At least, I have an excuse to delay things a little.... 

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