Friday, September 22, 2017

An evening with RO

As I write this, the view in the composite picture above is a distant memory. The island in the picture  got walloped by Hurricane Irma, and will likely not be ready for this winter's cruises. If I have extra money this winter, I will likely be taking a different vacation - and will likely fly as Marian.

Why do I mention this?  This topic was part of two conversations I had tonight. The first one was with RO, and the other was with Lili.

- - - - - -

When I got up today, I decided to skip game night for a change and drive out to Long Island to see RO. My first stop of the day was to the GLBT center, where I was tasked with entering information for their silent auction into a charitable donation related database. This was a relatively mindless task, but something I enjoyed doing. 

Next, it was off to Long Island. Traffic was bad (as usual), but I got to RO's area earlier than expected. So I killed a little time at Starbucks before driving to her place, and met her outside her house. Then it was a detour to Williston Park to introduce me to her daughter before going shopping at Catherine's in Carle Place.

RO's daughter looks as if she could be RO's younger sister. The key difference is that the daughter has better looking thighs than RO. She has a nice personality, and we took to each other immediately. (I mean, just as friends and nothing more.) All too soon, we had to go. And it was off to Catherine's we went.

We were greeted at the door by a saleslady who remembers us from the last time we were there - someone who remembers me with a big smile. I proceeded to bring a bigger smile to her face before I went looking for a top like the one I bought on my last visit to the Paramus branch of the store. It's hard to believe that this top was so popular, but I scored the last one in the store in blue. Then I found a blue pair of trousers that went perfectly with the top, and bought them both.

Next, it was off to dinner at Minado.  Rose loved this Japanese Buffet. It was everything I said it was, and well worth the money we spent there.  Between the two of us, we spent $90 (incl. tax/tip) on dinner. We talked about many things, one of which was RO's new boyfriend. I am happy for her, as she deserves to be with a nice man.  After we were done, two fellows started up a conversation, and the two of us sat at their table and chatted for another 20 minutes.  It was nice being treated like a lady by two gentlemen.  Mind you, neither of us were interested in the men, but it was a nice event to end a nice evening.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I chatted with Lili.  She fired one of the contractors working at her mom's house for incompetence. And she added more tasks to the contractor who took care of my family homestead. He's glad to get the work. We then talked about my dating, and being rejected by the woman from POF I saw a couple of weeks ago. Lili feels worse about it than I do. But then, I don't want to deal with having to explain my Marian/Mario persona to a woman actively raising a child at home. So this was a blessing in ways Lili doesn't understand.

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