Monday, September 18, 2017

A day with HWV and the Curvy Widow

The above picture is of the woman whose widowhood has been turned into a very enjoyable play, "The Curvy Widow." It's one of those plays that run Off-Broadway which more than justify the effort of going into NYC for the 20 @ 20 deal.

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Today's plans called for me to meet HWV at 12:30 (I was slightly late) and drive down to NYC for a 3:00 showing of The Curvy Widow.  My timing was almost perfect until we reached Manhattan, and then the West Side Drive fouled us up with a bumper to bumper traffic jam.  Luckily, I was able to bail out to Riverside Drive and slowly ooze my down to the theater district.

Arriving at our (now) usual parking lot, we walked 8 blocks to the theater - arriving 5 minutes before the 20@20 deal was to begin. So we got on the line and waited for "our" box office to open. After a short wait, we were in the theater and in our seats. Then the play began. This is one of those rare times I enjoyed going to a musical - the songs advanced the plot (not too heavy), and had a humorous touch to them.  If you didn't know that this play was based on the above woman's dating as a widow, you might swear that it was fiction. But the New York Times validated her claim that she was dating 6 married men at once (1 for each day of the week, with a day off for rest). Although HWV wasn't originally interested in the "Talkback" with the author after the show, she found it interesting - especially when audience members were asking about this woman's experiences in real life.

After the show, we went to a nice restaurant to eat, ordering from the prix fixe menu with an extra appetizer and drink to give us sustenance. Over dinner, she noted that sooner of later, I'll have to fish or cut bait in regard to living as Marian or Mario (she thought I was happier as Marian) and only then look for romance.  She might be right, but I have to live my life my way, and make my own decisions with the rewards or consequences thereof.  Before we left the restaurant, we both ordered espresso with anisette.  Well, we got our espresso with with a shot of alcohol, but the fellow brought us shots of Hennesey and not Anisette.  Not a bad way to end our drinking for the day!

The drive home was uneventful, and I dropped her off around 9:30.  And then it was off to the local Shoprite for food.  If only I could gotten there earlier in the day to get some Lobster for dinner....

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