Saturday, September 23, 2017

A day as Mario with the family

I haven't talked too much about my family lately.  My brother is again absorbed by his work, my nephew is wasting valuable time working a dead end job at a local hardware store, my niece realizes that she should start looking for a better job than what she has, and my dad is in the hospital. We had planned on taking my dad out of the nursing home for the day to have dinner with my aunt and uncle (who just came in from the coast), and my dad spoils it all (not his choice) by falling down at the nursing home and breaking his hip.  This fouls up everyone's plans, and you can only imagine how my dad feels cooped up in the intensive care unit at the local hospital.

- - - - - -

When I got up this morning, I had to get moving quickly as I didn't know whether my cleaning lady would bother to be here this week. (She didn't come today.)  I'm the client she tends to drop when things get busy with other clients. And I wouldn't mind this that much if she would only call to tell me when she would finally get here.

Once semi conscious, I sent an email to the Cat Lady, asking her about when I should drop over for dinner tomorrow.  I didn't know it, but I had missed the following message of hers:

Called doctor who advises BRAT diet (banana rice applesauce toast) for 4-5 days. So no dinners out for me. My Friday dinner plans with my friend got cancelled last night when she sent text. Sorry. Once my gut settles down I will be so happy. All these carbs are not making it easy to lose s little weight!!

Second message follows:

Ah - you missed seeing my 4:56pm text yesterday. Called doc who advises BRAT (banana rice applesauce toast) for a few days til stomach settles down so no restaurant food ☹️☹️☹️.

I'm still waking up with lump feeling in my throat. Took 3 antacids this morning but it still feels uncomfortable so mentally I don't want to eat but physically I'm very hungry complete with stomach making noises!!
Will go to cafeteria for a banana for later and get some toast or a hard roll for now. Brought applesauce from home - maybe that will go nicely with toast.

Saw allergist yesterday - brought her the Tate's cookies wrapper and a Turkey Hill ice cream box so she could guess what I had that made me have a slight allergic reaction. Only common thing was sugar and vanilla and chocolate. Perhaps it was a different thing in each.

I am sorry I must postpone yet again but getting my health fixed up must be a priority. I can't enjoy food (or your company) if I'm worried about getting digestion problems after dinner!!!

If she were blowing me off, her style would be much different.  So I keep in touch to see whether things change or not.  GFJ had digestive problems of her own until she found out what foods were irritating her stomach. And now, she doesn't think much about eating, but only what she can eat.

- - - - - -

I didn't get out of the house until 3:00 pm, and it took me a little over 2 hours to get to my dad in the hospital.  His hip was broken in a fall, and he will be going back to the nursing home in a couple of days. While there, he mentioned his continued regret that he couldn't protect all his money from being taken for his nursing home expenses. But I again reminded him that he protected the most important thing, the house, and that's all I cared about. We also talked about mundane family issues, and had a good chat.  However, I can see that he is looking good - and that one good infection could end it all for him. At the age of 89, there is only so long that he can live, and I feel he might just be ready for that end when it comes.

When my dad and I exhausted the new things we could talk about, I took the hint and left for dinner with my aunt & uncle, my brother & family. This was a very pleasant dinner.  When I mentioned game night, someone asked me what games we play. I answered with a list which included Settlers of Catan, Fluxx, and Qwirkle - and my niece remembered these games.  I then mentioned Marian's exploits in the 3rd person (one of which had to be so, as it involved "Mansplaining") and she picked up on it.  She would make a good addition to the group - and I hope she is able to cross the river to join us one day.

All too soon, dinner was over, and I had to drive home.  Unlike the trip to Long Island, the trip home was uneventful. If only all my trips home were like this....


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