Friday, August 4, 2017

Volunteering before Game Night

Thursday....  Volunteering at the GLBT center and Game Night.  I've been getting bored with volunteer work as of late, and it shows. But I never seem to be bored with Game Night.  Today, I wasn't bored with either....

- - - - - -

Lili woke me up this morning, but I wasn't in the mood to rush my shave, shower, and makeup routine to see her.  I needed to rest, as I was very tired from several days of not sleeping enough. So I said I'd talk with her later, and rested until a little before 1 pm. At that time, I proceeded to get ready - and made it to the GLBT center around 3 pm.

When I arrived at the GLBT center, I got a surprise. There was work befitting my skill set.  There were two things for me to take care of:
  1. Finding out what was needed for the GLBT center to send out mass mailings at the non-profit bulk mail rate.
  2. Completing the setup of the new closed circuit TV system which will now be used to record suspicious activity. (This is important, as they now feel that they must prepare for disturbances catalyzed by POTUS's anti GLBT tweets, statements, and actions.
Although I think I found out what they need, I know that I need to find someone who has done this before, so that the GLBT center doesn't make any mistakes on its first attempt to do a simple bulk mailing.  When I mentioned this to the director, he mentioned NPWJ as a reference - and I said: "Of Course!"  So I took my notes, and said that I'd talk to her when I see her tomorrow.

Next, I started my research into completing the installation of the Closed Circuit TV System. I made the call to Verizon, and found out that the fellow who did the installation work did not give us enough information to complete the supposedly "easy" job. I mentioned this to the other director, and she will make sure that he finishes up the job when he returns.  This is one time where I wish I was making the phone call, as I know enough to get the information and to call Verizon back. But, as Freddie Prinze, Sr. once said: "Eeet No My Yob!"

- - - - - -

I still needed to pick up some snacks to bring to game night, as I hadn't brought anything from home. So, I took the slow road to lower county, stopping off at Trader Joe's to do a little shopping. If this were winter, I'd have picked up some stuff to go home later in the evening. But it was summer, so I could only pick up some chips and other shelf stable items that I could leave in the car for a while. On the checkout line, the lady manning the register commented on the dress I was wearing. (See picture.)  It seems that I'm getting a lot more compliments these days on what I wear. I hope it means that things are starting to click with the way I'm now presenting myself to the world.

Once I was done, I continued the slow trip to game night with a stop at Panera bread for dinner.  While there, my brother called to tell me that he got the care packet from the prospective renters of our family homestead. And he will be analyzing it overnight to find out whether we should be renting to this couple.  (I didn't respond to his call until I got into my car. I wasn't going to speak in my feminine voice while on the phone to him.)

And then it was off to game night.  I got there "on time" and had the chance to play two games.  For a change, I won the first game. And then played another game which I lost. It was a good night for me, and got even better when the hostess arrived home at 11 pm. I didn't leave until everything started breaking up around 11:30 pm.

- - - - - -

On the way home, I had the chance to chat with GFJ.  There was no way I wanted to see her this coming weekend, as I already had arrangements with the Cat Lady for Saturday. But I did suggest having lunch early in the week before she goes away next week for a week and a half.  At least I'll be able to schedule 3 Saturdays in a row with the Cat Lady, unless she also takes time off to see Old Sturbridge Village and Boston with a female friend from out of state.

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