Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Quickie: If it weren't so cold....

This is where I would have been today had it not been so cool out.  It's the middle of summer, and the daytime temperature is expected not to break past the mid 70's - not ideal for a dip in the pool.

Several days ago, YGM invited me to take a dip in her pool.  And it would have been nice to get another day's wear out of my swimsuit, if the weather had been warm.  Unfortunately, this was not the case. If I had awakened early, I still might have gone out to see her. But, with a sleep schedule that is so far out of whack as mine, I'll be lucky to be able to see Maria for breakfast tomorrow morning.  At least, YGM was very comfortable with my postponing my visit for a week.

- - - - - -

Since I had nothing better to do today, I stayed in and relaxed. (That's becoming a theme in my life these days.) I took care of transferring money from one of my bank accounts to another, so that I could deposit a check into the account my brother and I pay bills for the family homestead. But I didn't bother doing much of anything else today.

I shouldn't have said "didn't bother much of anything else ."  Instead, I should have included the phrase "- except cooking."  Lunch was some stir fried beef in a tortilla wrap, with leftovers I could eat on another day. Dinner was the meatloaf I planned to cook for a while, and was made better by pouring in some onion soup for flavor while it was cooking in the oven. (One can never have too much onion flavor in a meatloaf.) And now, I have leftovers to last me several days.

- - - - - -

Tomorrow, I have breakfast with Maria and speech therapy at Mercy College.  Hopefully, I'll figure out something to do afterwards other than laundry.



  1. I believe you write your posts several days in advance of posting them so by my guess the cool weather you reference was about a week ago. As a large cross dresser some of the hot weather makes dressing difficult. On the other hand I did cherish the cooler days. I went home bought a few pounds of chopped beef and veal and pork mix along with a few bounds of hot and sweet sausage and I whipped up a major batch of meatballs and sausage in my oversized dutch oven. It was nice to dress for cooking and then change into something nicer for the meal. I now have a freezer full of quarts of sauce.
    I think that I would have availed myself of the pool invitation if for not other reason than to be out and about in your woman's swim suit.

  2. Pat -

    You are right. And I'll bet you have figured out roughly how far in advance I write my posts.

    Being able to use my swimsuit was a key reason why I accepted her invitation. Too bad I didn't get pictures of me in the swimsuit that day. There was a neighbor there who joined the two of us. I'd love to know a local distributor of the LuLaRue clothes line. This operation functions in a way similar to the traditional Avon Lady/Tupperware Party, where you have to know the person and hold a party to get access to the wares. I'd like to skip the party, talk to a local operator, and buy clothes I'd feel comfortable in.

    BTW - I found some nice ladies' trousers at Catherine's that fit me well. As the weather gets cooler, I might buy a pair or two, if only to go out in inclement weather.